All About Former H.O.T’s Leader Tony Ahn (Profile, Facts, Love Life, Gambling Scandal, etc)


Tony Ahn Thoughts on Marriage and Revealing He Once Considered Marrying One of His Exes

In a session of QTV’s 20th Century Boys H.J.g.R Project held in August 2013, Tony Ahn said that he would like to get married when he is 40 years old. Before turning 40 he can’t take care of himself and can’t carry the responsibility of being the head of a family.

In an episode of My Ugly Duckling, aired in November 2016, his housemate and close friend, Kim Jae Duk asked Tony Ahn about girlfriend and marriage. Tony Ahn answered that he once considered marrying one of his ex-girlfriends. The ex-girlfriend in question was reportedly a singer and she had met Tony’s mother. His mother liked his ex-girlfriend and wanted Tony to marry her but the marriage never happened.

Tony Ahn’s Net Worth

In QTV’s variety program 20th Century Handsome Men, aired on April 30th, 2013, Tony Ahn revealed his income during the early days of H.O.T. He earned about $8.000 in royalties alone. Nowadays, he makes most of his earnings through his company. His biggest income has come from the school uniform business. Proudly, he said that he earned about 4 or 5 times more than his total earning as a member of H.O.T.

Latest News of Tony Ahn

Tony Ahn is recently working on a new variety show from JTBC2 titled Grand Budaguest. He is cast as part of the main cast alongside MC Ahn Jeong Hwan, rapper B.I, singer Yoo Jae Hwan and Girls in the Park’s member Lena. The show was inspired by the comedy film The Grand Budapest Hotel. All members work as hoteliers to cater and serve their special customers, abandoned dogs.

Tony Ahn is actively promoting his recent project, Stage 631, an academy intended to nurture and produce future global K-Pop artists, in his Instagram account. He collaborated with Interpark and Yama and Hotchicks Entertainment.

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