Get to Know More With Rapper, Songwriter, and Producer, Teddy Park (Profile, Facts, Girlfriend, Net Worth, ETC)


Teddy Park’s Love Life, Who is His Girlfriend?

Teddy Park started dating actress Han Ye-seul in May, 2013, and announced their relationship to the public. On June 14, 2016, the news that they had broken up was announced, but it was denied by Han Ye-seul’s representative, who said that the couple was still together and currently doing well.

A few months later, Key East Entertainment, Han Ye-seul’s agency, speak out again about the actress’s relationship with Teddy Park, saying, “The two has decided to broke up as their schedules are getting busier. They are going to support each other as a friend.”

Teddy Park and Han Ye-seul officially broke up on October 14, 2016.

At the end of 2018, Park become a highlight of dating news again, this time being paired with one of the members of the famous girl-group from YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK, Jennie.

Some netizens might think that this dating rumor is nonsense, since Jennie is way too young to be having a special relationship with Teddy Park.

In October, 2018, YG Entertainment spoke up regarding the dating rumor, saying, “It’s not true that they are dating each other. We will take a respond with a strong legal action against the rumors and fake news that has been circulated in public. This is the first time we heard such a rumor like this.”

Given the statement that was released by YG Entertainment, it seems safe to assume that the rumors pairing Jennie and Teddy Park aren’t at all true.

For now the moment, Teddy Park is still single, and has been since the break-up with Han Ye-seul. He’s still focusing on his career, producing music and making upcoming songs.

Teddy Park’s Net Worth

As reported from tvN’s show, The List, Teddy Park has earned royalties from his copyrighted songs in an amount around ₩950 million KRW (~ $850,000 USD).

He’s been a successful K-hip-hop songwriter for some extremely popular artists, such as BIGBANG, 2NE1, and other singers. In 2013, Park purchased a building located in Hongdae that’s worth 10 billion KRW (~$9 million USD), and he also owns a franchise called Twosome Coffee, with a recording studio on the 2nd floor.

The Black Label

Teddy Park was one of the founders of THE BLACK LABEL, a sub-label under YG Entertainment, which came into being in 2015. The Black Label oversees artists like Zion T, Kush, Okasian, model Ella Gross, and ex-JYP artist Jeon Somi.

Teddy Park’s Latest News

There hasn’t been a lot of recent news about Teddy Park, since he’s very busy making music and hasn’t been involved in any scandals.

Instead, let’s take a look at some of the top songs produced by Teddy Park, below!

Jennie – SOLO (2018)

Sunmi – Gashina (2017)

BLACKPINK – Boombayah (2016)

PSY feat CL – Daddy (2015)

IKON – Apology (2015)

MINO – I’m Him (2015)

GD & TOP BIGBANG – High High (2010)

Gummy – Because You’re A Man (2010)

GD feat. Teddy Park & CL – The Leaders (2009)

2NE1- I Don’t Care (2009)

Taeyang – Only Look At Me (2008)

Uhm Jung-hwa – D.I.S.C.O (2008)

BIGBANG – We Belong Together (2008)