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Scandal of Bolbbalgan4’s Members

On January 24th, 2017, there was a piece of highlight news that has been circulating around that one of the members of Bolbbalgan4, Ji-young, was caught liking a post by an anti-fan of IU on Instagram.

The group that consists of two members, Ji-young and Ji-yoon, recently made a cover of a song from IU, but there was a fan who was not happy about it and decided to post a message for Bolbbalgan4 on Instagram.

The fan who wasn’t amused with Bolbbalgan4’s cover of IU’s song complained that the singer has a lolita controversy and it is not recommended to sing like her. The fan’s post read, “Ji-young-ah, Ji-yoon-ah… ㅠㅠ You can sing any singer’s songs during the concert but please do not sing songs from artists who have caused controversies, especially IU… Because she had a lolita controversy and it wasn’t allowed since it’s being hateful against women or being lolita so, please don’t ever sing IU’s songs anymore… ㅠㅠ”

The fans who caught on that Ji-young liked the post made by IU’s anti-fan, quickly asked her to unlike the post before it gathered negative responses to Bolbbalgan4.

Right after receiving a caution from her fans on Instagram, Ji-young made an apology through an Instagram post in a whole white picture and explained the situation that caused the trouble. Here’s the apology from Bolbbalgan4’s Ji-young’s Instagram:

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안녕하세요 볼빨간사춘기 안지영입니다. 저는 데뷔 초에 인스타그램에 저를 태그하여 올려주시는 게시글에 좋아요를 누르며 저희를 좋아해 주시는 팬분들께 감사하는 마음을 전하려고 했습니다.그런데 예전보다 저를 태그하여 글을 올려주시는 팬분들이 많아졌고 그러다 보니 게시글 내용을 하나하나 꼼꼼하게 읽지 못하고 하트를 누르게 되었습니다. 해당 게시글 역시 사진만 확인하고 하트를 눌렀고 그 내용이 아이유 선배님 비하 의도가 담긴 게시글이 줄은 정말 몰랐습니다. 아이유 선배님 그리고 기분 나쁘셨을 아이유 선배님 팬분들께 진심으로 죄송하다는 말씀드립니다.

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“On my Instagram account, I have seen a lot of support for me and my group since I debuted. I would like to give “love” on the posts I was tagged in. Since I have more fans now, there are a lot of posts that I received and due to the large number of posts, I couldn’t reach every single post and could only see them from the pictures without realizing that it was a hateful comment for IU sunbaenim [refers to a senior]. I deeply apologize for my mistakes, to IU, and everyone who found this offensive.”– @hey_miss_true

The scandal was cleared up and it was obvious that Ji-young is not a hater of IU, but it was clearly a mistake since she wasn’t aware of the caption on the Instagram post.

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