Complete Information About Bolbbalgan4 (Profile, Facts, Birthday, Scandal, and Instagram)


All You Need to Know About Members of Bolbbalgan4

Do you know the vocal duo from South Korea named, Bolbbalgan4? They are known as a duo or a unit with 2 members, both of which participated in the television show Superstar K6 in 2014.

Bolbbalgan4 (볼빨간 사춘기) signed under Shofar Music and made their debut on April 22nd, 2016. It didn’t take a lot of time for the duo to become popular and earn a place among the top groups in South Korea. They were even able to win some awards with their unique music.

Well, if you want to know more about the duo Bolbbalgan4, let’s scroll down and check out their full profile and learn everything about them, up until their latest news!

Profile and Facts of Bolbbalgan4

Fandom Name: LoBoly (stands for Lo: Lovely and Boly: Bolbbalgan4)

Official Site: Facebook (

Full Profile of Ahn Ji-young

  • Real Name: Ahn Ji-young (안지영)
  • Stage Name: Ji-young (지영)
  • Place and Date of Birth: South Korea, September 14th, 1995
  • Zodiac: Virgo
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Blood Type: A
  • Position: Main Vocalist
  • Official Site: Instagram (

Fun Facts About Ji-young

  1. Ji-young was raised in Yeongju, Gyeongsang, South Korea and she was a classmate of Ji-yoon and they had the same dream of becoming singers.
  2. Ji-young represents the ‘Youth’ of Bolbbalgan4 and is visualized as a teenager who turned to be adult.
  3. Ji-young’s hobby is going to the supermarket and buying things.
  4. Ji-young’s ideal type is a person who has a good voice.

Full Profile of Woo Ji-yoon

  • Real Name: Woo Ji-yoon (우지윤)
  • Stage Name: Ji-yoon (지윤)
  • Place and Date of Birth: South Korea, January 6th, 1996
  • Zodiac: Capricorn
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Height: 160 cm
  • Weight: 44 kg
  • Blood Type: A
  • Position: Guitarist, Bassist, Rapping, Backing Vocals
  • Official Site: Instagram (

Fun Facts About Ji-yoon

  1. Ji-yoon and Ji-young were classmates and they were raised in Yeongju, South Korea.
  2. Ji-yoon represents the ‘blushing’ member of Bolbbalgan4 because of her shy attitude.
  3. Ji-yoon’s ideal type is a person who can cook well and she isn’t the type who cares about how someone looks.

Discography of Bolbbalgan4

Studio Albums

 Title   Album Details  Peak Chart Positions Sales
 Release date  Label  Formats  KOR
 Red Planet August 29th, 2016 Shofar Music, NHN Bugs  CD, Digital Download 15 KOR: 25,646
Track List :
1. Galaxy (우주를 줄게)
2. Fight Day (싸운날)
3. You (=I)
4. Grumpy (심술)
5. Hard To Love (나만 안되는 연애)
6. Chocolate (초콜릿)
7. Freesia (프리지아)
8. X Song
9. Ring (반지)
10. When You Fall In Love (사랑에 빠졌을 때)

Extended Plays


As Lead Artist

 Title   Year   Peak Chart Positions   Sales   Certifications   Album 
“Fight Day” (싸운날) 2016 KOR: 16,260 N/A Red Ickle
“Galaxy” (우주를 줄게) 2 KOR: 2,716,160 Red Plane
“Hard to Love” (나만 안되는 연애) 12 KOR: 2,500,000
“Tell Me You Love Me” (좋다고 말해) 2 KOR: 2,500,000 Red Planet ‘Hidden Track
“Some” (썸 탈꺼야) 2017 1 KOR: 1,122,548 Red Diary Page.1
“To My Youth” (나의 사춘기에게) 3 KOR: 884,853
“Travel” (여행) 2018 1 N/A Red Diary Page.2
“Wind” (바람사람) 20 KMCA: Platinum
“Dejavu” 21 N/A Red Diary ‘Hidden Track’


 Title   Year   Peak Chart Positions   Sales   Album 
“Romantic Wish”
with Sweden Laundry, Vanilla Acoustic, Kim Ji-soo,
Kim Sa-rang, 20 Years Of Age and Letter Flow
2016 N/A Non-album singles
“We Loved” (남이 될 수 있을까) with 20 Years of Age 2017 1 KOR: 2,500,000
“#First Love” (#첫사랑)with Dingo 2018 2 N/A

As Featured Artist

 Title   Year   Peak Chart Positions   Sales   Album 
“Lost Without You” (우리집을 못 찾겠군요)
Mad Clown feat. Bolbbalgan4
2017 5 KOR: 1,012,764 Love Is a Dog from Hell
“Mohae” (모해)
San E feat. Bolbbalgan4
5 KOR: 260,140 Non-album singles
“Hurry Up”
Sohee feat. Bolbbalgan4
2018 N/A

Soundtrack Appearances

 Title   Year   Peak Chart Positions   Sales   Album 
“Hidden Path” (가리워진 길) 2014 60 KOR: 55,979 Misaeng OST Part 4
“Dream” (드림) 2016 54 KOR: 47,657 Hwarang OST Part 3
“You and I From the Beginning” (처음부터 너와 나) 2017 3 KOR: 1,346,861 The Emperor: Owner of the Mask OST Part 2
“My Trouble” 2018 48 Why: The Real Reason You Got Dumped OST Part 1

Other Charted Songs

 Title   Year   Peak Chart Positions   Sales   Album 
“Grumpy” (심술) 2016 38 KOR: 1,052,943 Red Ickle
“You(=I)” 40 KOR: 1,371,749 Red Planet
“When You Fall in Love” (사랑에 빠졌을 때) 78 KOR: 66,307
“Grumpy” (심술) 83 KOR: 69,098
“X Song” KOR: 21,678
“Freesia” (프리지아) KOR: 17,003
“Blue” 2017 5 KOR: 757,087 Red Diary Page.1
“Fix Me” (고쳐주세요) 11 KOR: 467,335
“Imagine” (상상) 12 KOR: 399,631
“Lonely” 2018 24 Red Diary Page.2
“Starlight” (야경) 34
“Dear, Teddy Bear” (안녕, 곰인형) 42
“Clip” 65
“6 o’clock” 80 Red Diary ‘Hidden Track’

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