Get Closer With Comedian Kim Joon-hyun (Profile, Wife, Kids, Career, Facts, and Appearance on Running Man)

Kim Joon-hyun

What You Need to Know About Comedian Kim Joon-hyun

If you talk about the comedy field in Korea, you definitely can’t leave out this comedian! Some of you might be familiar with his name if you love to watch variety shows, such as Gag Concert, Life Bar or SNL Korea. If you still don’t know who he is, then this is the right time to find out more about him. First, let’s take a look at his profile!

Kim Joon-hyun is a South Korean comedian who has signed a contract and is under the management of JDB Entertainment, an agency that also has other famous comedians work under it, such as Kim Jun-ho, Park Na-rae, and many others. According to KBS’ Guerilla Star Date, his favorite song is “Cigarette Store Girl.”

Full Profile of Kim Joon-hyun

Kim Joon-hyun
  • Full name: Kim Joon-hyun
  • Date of Birth: November 16th, 1980
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Weight: around 120 kg

Interesting Facts About Kim Joon-hyun

Kim Joon-hyun

Even though he is originally a comedian, he also has tried his luck in acting. He has starred in a few television series, such as My Husband Got a Family, Ugly Miss Young-ae Season 15, The Beauty Inside, and others as a cameo. He also has starred in movies, such as Nutcracker 3D, A Letter to Momo, etc. Kim Joon-hyun got married to his wife, Oh Jung-joo, in 2013.

If you search for his name, the keywords that are most related to him are ‘comedian’ and ‘singer’. The keyword ‘singer’ pops out because he used to be a part of a group called OverAction. In the group, he was in a guitarist position.

Kim Joon-hyun’s Social Media

Kim Joon-hyun

It would appear that he doesn’t actively use social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, or any others. It might be hard to follow-up his latest activities as you can only rely on the news, but you can also try to visit his colleagues’ social media who have starred in the same television program as him. If you want to find his general information, you can try to visit his company’s, JDB Entertainment, official website here!

Kim Joon-hyun’s Career as Comedian

Kim Joon-hyun

Obviously, it is not easy for someone to reach stardom as soon as they have made their debut. For Kim Joon-hyun, his career path has not always been smooth and it took him eight years to rise to stardom after making his debut as a comedian on KBS’ Gag Concert, in 2007.

He himself also said on KBS’ Guerilla Star Date that he had difficulties to reach where he is now. For example, one of his acts that he showed on Gag Concert didn’t make people laugh even though he thought that it was funny at first. This was only one hardship among many that he may be not sharing with us.

Kim Joon-hyun Top Excellence

But, his name is starting to become known to many people when he received many awards in 2012. At that time, he did not only receive one or two awards, but four awards at once. He won an award for Best Variety Performer (Male) at the 48th Baeksang Art Awards, the Comedian Award category at the 39th Korea Broadcasting Awards, and the 20th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards, and Top Excellence Award in Comedy (Male) category at the 11th KBS Entertainment Awards.

For the last category, he won it for two consecutive years as he received the same award again at the 12th KBS Entertainment Awards. According to his interview on KBS’ Happy Together that was broadcasted on January 22nd, 2014, he never expected to receive such awards.

According to his interview with Guerilla Star Date, he said that his biggest dream is to make a comedy film where all the comedians work together. He also said that he was inspired by his boss, as well as comedian colleague, Kim Jun-ho, and he wants to create a big framework for comedians just like what Kim Jun-ho did.

Seeing as he has become quite successful, let’s hope that he can realize his big dream soon!

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