Complete Information About Rapper Hanhae (Profile, Facts, Debut, Solo, and Show Me The Money)


This Cute Man Can Amaze You with His Rap

Jung Han-hae, or famously known as Hanhae, is a rapper and a singer. Sadly, he is currently on military duty. But, you can watch his live performance or reality shows on the internet. Hanhae is an ex-member of the band Phantom. The group disbanded in 2017 due to busy individual activities. You can read his full profile below to get to know him better.

Full Profile of Jung Han-hae
  • Name (Real Name): Han Hae (Jung Hanhae)
  • Hangul: 한해
  • Position: Vocal, Rap
  • Date of Birth (Y.M.D): 90.04.07
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Height: 180 cm (5 ft 10 in)
  • Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs)
  • Education: Donga University, Business Department
  • Facts: former Block B Trainee

Jung Han-hae’s Debut as PHANTOM

Before debuting as a member of Phantom, Hanhae was a trainee of Stardom Entertainment and was to debut as a Block B member. However, he left before debuting with Block B and released his own song titled “Eargasm” in 2011. After that, he joined Brand New Music where he met two other musicians: Kiggen and Sanchez. The group made many covers on YouTube before releasing their first single. Phantom made many singles each year until in 2014 they released a full album titled Phantom Power and they disbanded in 2017 because of busy individual activities. The group had won an award twice, once in 2011 and once in 2012.

Jung Han-hae Becoming a Solo Artist

After the disbandment of Phantom, Hanhae became a solo artist. As a solo artist, he is pretty successful, releasing ten singles and three albums, not to mention his collaborations and features with other singers, also drama soundtracks. His latest album was released in February 2019 titled About Time. Also, he was featured in a work of Key Shinee, the song titled “Cold.” Go check it!

Jung Han-hae’s Filmography

Not only can he sing and rap, but this man has also tried his best in some variety shows.

Year Title Network Role
2015 Show Me the Money 4 Mnet Contestant[18]
2016 Tribe of Hip Hop JTBC Producer[19]
2017 Show Me the Money 6 Mnet Contestant
2018 Amazing Saturday tvN Cast Member


Mnet’s Show Me The Money

In Show Me The Money, or SMTM, the chief producer wanted to tell the broader public that in South Korea there are not only idol groups. This was proven by the fact that people’s interest in hip-hop song increased. Hanhae was a part of this show for two seasons; season 4 and season 6. In season 4, there was a controversy where Hanhae was supposed to be eliminated due to forgetting his lyrics, but instead, another contestant who had stage fright was eliminated. The producers who decided not to eliminate him stated that it was not staged and the audience was heated calling it unfair. Hanhae felt guilty during the episode and in the end, the producers apologized and called the contestant back later.

JTBC’s Tribe of Hip-Hop

In Tribe of Hip-Hop, Hanhae is a producer on both seasons. This show is like recruitment where the contestants are mixed of singers and rappers even actors and actresses. In the second season, collaborating with contestant Kang Seung-hyun, Hanhae won third place based on votes. The winner of the show in the first season got a one-carat ring with a diamond.

tvN’s Amazing Saturday

Amazing Saturday, or known as DoReMi Market, is a variety show that takes place in markets all over South Korea. Hanhae was a part of the show as a regular member from episode 1 until episode 47. He, along with Key from Shinee, left the show in 2019 due to their enlistment in the military. The show contains games that feature Korean language and culture. So, if you want to learn more about South Korea or Hanhae himself, you should watch this program! It is still aired up until now.

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