Complete Information About Jung Joon-young’s Former Band, Drug Restaurant (Profile and Facts)


Plagiarism Issue of Drug Restaurant

The lead vocal of Drug Restaurant, Jung Joon Young denied the accusations of plagiarism in their recent song “Mistake.” He said that this song was arranged by member Jo Dae Min who admits the song was influenced by rock band Two Door Cinema Club.

They also got a tweet from Two Door Cinema Club on July 28th, two months after the song was released, “Nice to see we’ve inspired someone,” adding a link to Drug Restaurant’s track. The Irish indie rock band was referring to their latest song “Mistake.”

People were comparing “Mistake” to the Two Door Cinema Club’s songs “Someday” and “What You Know” as given similar guitar riffs in the tracks. Later on, Drug Restaurant denied that they plagiarized a Two Door Cinema Club song, however, they stated, “The overall planning and vision of the song was by member Jo Dae Min, who really respects Two Door Cinema Club. The song is influenced by them, but it’s not plagiarism.” See the video clip of “Mistake” below 🙂

The Future of the Band After Members’ Controversy

On March 12th, 2019, Jung Joon-young, the vocalist and guitarist and also former band member in 2015, announced his retirement from the entertainment industry due to a scandal that he secretly filmed his own sexual activity, then shared the videos with friends in a group chat, including some popular Korean celebrities. Then, on March 13th, 2019, Jung’s agency, Make Us Entertainment, confirmed that Jung Joon-young got a termination on his contract with the company. He also wrote an apology letter.

His statement is translated below:

“I write to you in shame and guilt.”

“I, Jung Joon Young, once again realized the seriousness of this situation after returning to Korea on March 12th. Although it’s already late, I apologize through this letter to all the people who showed an interest in me and gave me a second chance.”

“In regards to what is being said in relation to me, I admit to all my crimes. I filmed women without their consent and shared it in a social media chatroom, and while I did so I didn’t feel a great sense of guilt.”

“As a public figure, it was an unethical act worthy of criticism, and such a thoughtless action.”

“More than anything, I kneel and apologize to the women who appear in the videos who have learned of this hideous truth as the incident has come to light, and to the many people who must be angry at the situation over which they cannot contain their disappointment and astonishment.”

“I am withdrawing from all the programs that I was appearing on, and I will suspend all activities in the entertainment industry. I will now set down all my activities as a public figure that are not self-reflection, and I will reflect for the rest of my life on my immoral and illegal actions related to the crimes.”

“More than anyone else, I apologize to the women who have experienced great suffering due to my actions, to the many people who must feel anger even more so than disappointment, and to the many people who made me into a public figure and cherished me.”

“I will sincerely take part without any falsehoods in the investigations that will begin on the morning of March 14th, and I will accept punishment for my actions.”

“I once again deeply apologize. I am sorry.”

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

Jung Joon Young

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