All You Need to Know About Members of D-Crunch (Profile, Facts, Instagram, and Scandal)


Instagram of D-Crunch’s Members

Not all of the members of the group personal official Instagram accounts, so let’s check out the group’s account, as well, to see their photo collection at @d_crunch_official !

Chanyoung sends his love to Diana!

Hyunwoo and Hyuno’s cute selfie!

One of D-Crunch’s clips in TikTok. Must watch!

Latest News

The First Comeback

Four months into their debut, D-Crunch released their first mini album, M1112 (4colors), on November 12, at 6PM KST, with the lead single titled Stealer. The album was composed and written by the group members, themselves. They even participated in creating the choreography for their new single.

Stealer is a daring and ambitious track that evokes different moods, and it stands out among the other tracks on the album. I’m Ok is the one of the songs in the album which feels quite calm and comforting, while the song titled Now” is styled to feel sophisticated, yet groovy, and I Miss You is a song dedicated to their fans, Diana. Don’t miss it, guys! Check out the MV for Stealer below:

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