All You Need to Know About Members of D-Crunch (Profile, Facts, Instagram, and Scandal)


Full Profile of Hyunwook

Real Name: Ji Hyun-wook (지현욱)
Stage Name: Hyunwook (현욱)
Date of Birth: July 1, 1998
Place of Birth: Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: N/A
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Nationality: South Korean
Position in D-Crunch: Leader, Main Vocalist

Fun Facts Hyunwook

1. Hyunwook has a younger sister
2. Hyunwook became an All-S Company trainee between April and June, 2017
3. He was the 5th member of the group to be revealed on June 7, 2018
4. He said that he and Dylan lived a parallel life, as explained before in Dylan’s fun facts section
5. He can speak English
6. He currently shares a room with Hyunwoo in the dorm
7. His best features are his eyes
8. Hyunwook’s favorite artist is Michael Jackson
9. He can do a voice impression of Louis Amstrong
10. Hyunwook is not a particularly good cook, but he likes to cook for the members
11. Hyunwook is bad at doing acrostic poems

Discography of D-Crunch

Single Album

Title Released Date Label Formats
0806 August 6, 2018 All-S Company, Kakao M CD, Digital Download

Mini Album

Title Released Date Label Formats
M1112 (4colors) November 12, 2018 All-S Company, Kakao M CD, Digital Download


Title Year Album
“Palace” 2018 0806
“Stealer” M1112 (4colors)

Music Videos

Title Released Date Director
“Palace” August 6, 2018 Lee Gi-baek
“Palace” (performance ver.) August 13, 2018 Lee Gi-baek
“Stealer” November 12, 2018 Kim Jong-wan
“Stealer” (flashlight ver.) November 13, 2018 Kim Jong-wan
“Stealer” (container ver.) November 19, 2018 Kim Jong-wan
“Stealer” (performance ver.) November 22, 2018 Kim Jong-wan

Awards and Nominations of D-Crunch

Year Nominee / work Award Result
2018 D-Crunch Asia Artist Awards Focus Award Won

Scandal of All Members of D-Crunch

Accused of Plagiarizing

Although D-Crunch already has a lot of musicality, there were still some rumors said that they plagiarized work from other boy-groups, and even girl-groups. First, they were said to have plagiarized from the boy-group Seventeen by using diamond imagery, which Seventeen used during their debut era, and also by using the phrase “boom boom” in the group’s introductory greeting.

Not only Seventeen, but they’ve also been accused of plagiarizing Pentagon, according to K-nets and Pentagon’s fans. The first instance is with their album poster, which uses the same theme of having them on a rooftop.

The second instance is with a hand signal that D-Crunch used. It was pretty similar to what Pentagon did before.

D-Crunch was also accused of plagiarizing the girl-group CLC, as they used a similar template for their song. Many people defended them this time, one saying “Some concepts are recycled. I have now seen THREE groups do the same “group stands under a big blue sky with scrawled white writing” concept. Which wasn’t new to begin with!”

Facing so many accusations of plagiarism early in their debut isn’t a nice way to begin. D-Crunch talked about these issues during the showcase for their first mini album, M1112 (4Colors). Hyunwook explained, “We know that we were suspected of concept plagiarism. We were taken aback when we first heard it. Ever since we were young, we had been dreaming of becoming singers and practicing by following our amazing senior idols.”

He continued, “Of course, we want to follow our seniors. We want to become like them. However, that’s all. It has only been three months since we debuted. We are still in the process of finding our colors. We are sorry for the controversy that happened, but we hope people will look at us with an open mind.”

It’s a little harsh to bully them by accusing D-Crunch of plagiarizing the other group’s concept, since they already worked hard to make their debut happen. Let’s support D-Crunch with an open heart and mind!

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