All You Need to Know About Rapper Black Nut (Profile, Facts, Scandal, and Controversy)


All Information About Korean Rapper, Black Nut

Show Me The Money is one of the private broadcasting company Mnet’s flagship shows, helping rappers like IKON’s Bobby, Winner’s Song Mino, Hanhae, Microdot and Giriboy rise to fame from their underground roots. The show’s premise revolves around four teams of two producers taking rappers under their wings and mentoring them until one rises above the others, claiming the title of Korea’s best rapper. Over the years, it has managed to groom some of the Korea’s biggest rapping talents, but also has shown some of the more controversial and polarizing rappers out there, one of them being the infamous Black Nut.

Black Nut is a figure in the Korean hip-hop scene that is viewed as very polarizing even before his rise fame, for fairly crass and uncensored lyrics that might bother some audiences. He’s also received praise for being quite outside the box. His fame skyrocketed after taking part in Show Me The Money‘s fourth season, when he was criticized by many yet also supported for his spontaneous actions. So are you curious about this highly controversial figure? Let’s take a look at Black Nut and his wild ride of a career!

Full Profile of Black Nut
Stage Name Black Nut a.k.a MC기형아, Kim Combi, Seoul Metro Boomin
Birth Name Kim Dae-woong
Birthdate January 1st, 1989 (30 Years old)
Birth Place Jeonju, North Jeolla-do
Height 170 cm
Blood Type A
Entertainment Agency Just Music
Group SilkyBois
Nicknames God Dae-woong, Beenzino, Kim Combi, Kim Gaygay, Shin Tae-il


Interesting Facts of Black Nut

  • He often helps out his parents in their shop.
  • He once randomly appeared as a passerby in a KBS variety show.
  • He loves cars.
  • In the semi finals of Show Me The Money 4, he modified the lyrics to his song from “~ 만나서 ‘반갑다'” (Glad to meet you) to “~ 만나서 ‘방가방가’, to the name of his parent’s store is ‘방가방가’ (Welcome Welcome).
  • After his appearance on Show Me The Money 4, he is seen often in his signature look of a grey sweatshirt.
  • The nickname he earned from the writers of Show Me The Money 4 is ‘Cutie’.
  • He wrote his bank account on his Instagram bio.
  • The first female celebrity to follow him back was Sistar’s Bora.
  • He starred in Beenzino’s Break music video.
  • He dissed Tablo in the Super-Bee’s single as he was featuring on the track

Black Nut’s Discography

Under Kim Combi

  • 2008. 04.10 1st MixTape – M.F.K
  • 2008. 07.11 2nd MixTape – 패버린
  • 2008. 07.19 Koo Mind 1
  • 2008.12. 19 3rd MixTape – KINGS ON THE KEYBOARD
  • 2008.12.25 Single – MERRY seX-MAS
  • 2009.03.19 THE TOAST ME
  • 2009.05.20 TOAST MAP #001
  • 2009.06.07 TOAST MAP #002
  • 2009.11.01 Koo Mind 2

Under Black Nut

  • 2014.08.08 100
  • 2014.08.21 Beenzino
  • 2015.06.12 No Diss
  • 2015.09.08 Gagalive
  • 2016.03.31 1st Full Album – ㅍㅍㅍ


  • 2008.08.26 매슬로 – Rapsody (Feat. Soul Connection)
  • 2009.03.24 마르코 – Premium Edition in Dynasty’s Comin’ (Feat. J’Kyun, Kim Combi)
  • 2009.04 Rimi – Rimi Mixtape Vol. 2 Awesome BitcHHHH! in 좆젖까(Feat. BABO, Kim Combi)
  • 2012.11.12 GrandPics – Eclipse: Lunar To Solar in DJ Tiz – 폼나 (Feat. Black Nut)
  • 2012.12.04 Giriboy – 치명적인 앨범 II in 밤이필요해 (Feat. Black Nut)
  • 2013.02.27 Swings – Swings #1 Mixtape Vol. II 中 Still Not Over (Feat. Black Nut, 노창), 양아치 (Feat. Black Nut, Giriboy), 찢어 (Feat. Black Nut)
  • 2013.07.22 모로토브 – Molotov Cocktail 中 Watch Out (Reprise) (Feat. Swings, Black Nut, Ugly Duck, DJ Hood)
  • 2014.10.28 Swings – Vintage Swings 中 괜찮냐? (Feat. Black Nut, GIRIBOY), 양아치 2014 (Feat. Black Nut, GIRIBOY)
  • 2014.12.16 술탄 오브 더 디스코 – 웨ㅔㅔㅔㅔ (Feat. Black Nut)
  • 2014.02.11 Vasco – Code Name 211 中 DON (JM Remix) (Feat. 천재노창, C Jamm, Giriboy, Swings, Black Nut)
  • 2015.03.17 Giriboy – 성인식 中 마치 짜기라도 한 듯이 (Feat. Cjamm, Black Nut)
  • 2015.04.28 Joo-heon X Black Nut – ㄴㄴ
  • 2015.05.18 Seul-ong – Mood Swing (Feat. Black Nut)
  • 2015.08.01 Show Me The Money 4, episode 2, in Basick, Black Nut, Microdot – My Zone (Feat. San-E, Verbal Jint)
  • 2015.08.15 Show Me The Money 4, episode 4 in Verbal Jint, Black Nut, San-E – M.I.L.E. (Make It Look Easy)
  • 2015.08.22 Show Me The Money 4, episode 5 in Black Nut – 내가 할 수 있는 건 (Feat. 제시)1
  • 2015.10.26 Super-Bee – 냉탕에 상어 (Feat. Black Nut)
  • 2015.11.23 Verbal Jint – Go Hard Part 1. 양가치 in 보통사람 (Feat. Black Nut)
  • 2015.12.03 Swings – Levitate in 92 (Feat. Black Nut), Watch (Feat. Black Nut)
  • 2016.01.16 Just Music – Indigo Child (Vasco, Black Nut, Cjamm, Genius Nochang)
  • 2016.05.31 Beenzino – 토요일의 끝에서 (Feat. Black Nut)
  • 2016.11.30 Han Yo-han – 초사이언 (Feat. Black Nut)
  • 2017.04.30 Just Music – 우리 효과
  • 2017.08.05 Kid Milli – Honmono (Feat.Black Nut)
  • 2017.09.01 Homeboy – 헨즈클럽 (Feat.Seoul Metro Boomin)
  • 2018.02.23 SilkyBois – HOP ON
  • 2018.06.30 Just Music – Series
  • 2018.07.14 NO:EL – Damn! (Feat. Black Nut)