Complete Information About B1A4 Rapper, Baro (Profile, Facts, Siblings, Controversy, and Instagram)


Baro’s Controversy and Scandal

B1A4's Baro

In 2015, Baro got involved in a controversy. This happened when he joined the TV show Real Men. At that time, he only expressed his feelings that he was really happy because he could join the tv program. He also said that the military was cool and he already had muscles because of it.

Unfortunately, his statement brought him a flood of criticism. The reason is that netters believed that Baro shouldn’t say something like that on a TV show. Some even said that Baro should go to the military service if he really likes the military life like in Real Men. 

And this is not the only controversy he has been involved in. Sometime in March 2018, he was again involved in a controversy which caused his name to be a hot topic of conversation among the netizens. This rumor, however, was related to a “Lovestagram.” He allegedly often gave hints that he was in a relationship with a girl through his Instagram account. Then, aware of his actions which gave rise to controversy, Baro finally gave a clarification. He wrote two letters which had a large content. The point of which was that the rumor circulating was false. He explained the nature of his relationship with the girl and said that they are only coworkers and just friends.

He said that he was very sad to hear the rumor. Shortly after Baro clarified the rumor the girl released her own clarification of the rumor denying that it was true.

Baro’s Filmography


Title Role Year
Misaeng: Prequel Kim Young-chan 2013
The Seventh Dwarf Bobo 2014
That’s Not It Boy 2015
Close Your Eyes Hyeon-woo 2017


Television Series

Title Role Channel Year
Reply  1994 Binggeure TvN 2013
God’s Gift – 14 Days Ki Young-kyu SBS 2014
Perverse, Goo Hae-Ra Robin Cha Mnet 2015
Angry Mom Hong Sang-tae MBC
Loss: Time: Life  Baro Never TV Cast
The Master of Revenge Kim Gil-Do KBS2 2016
Manhole Jo Seok-tae 2017
Less Than Evil Hwang Dong-yoon MBC 2018
Two Hearts Cha Sun-woon Naver TV Cas & KBS Media 2019
Level Up Kwak Han-cheol MBN & Dramax 2019

Baro’s Discography

Albums with B1A4 

  • Studio Albums
Title Release Date
Ignition March 14th, 2012
Who Am I January 13th, 2014
Good Timing November 28th, 2016
1 October 24th, 2012 (Japanese Album)
2 March 19th, 2014 (Japanese Album)
3 March 16th, 2016 (Japanese Album)
4 June 14th, 2017 (Japanese Album)
5 June 27th, 2018 (Japanese Album)
  • Compilation Albums
Title Release Date
Let’s Fly (It B1A4) January 25th, 2012
Super Hits (Asian Edition) November 2nd, 2012
Miracle Radio – 2.5 kHz March 11th, 2015
B1A4 Fan Hits Korea March 8th, 2017
  • Extended Plays 
Title  Release Date
Let’s Fly April 21st, 2011
It B1A4 September 16th, 2011
In The Wind November 12th, 2012
What’s Happening? May 8th, 2013
Solo Day July 14th, 2014
Sweet Girl August 10th, 2015
Rollin’ September 25th, 2017



Title Album Year
Korean version
“O.K” Let’s Fly 2011
“Only Learned Bad Things”
“Beautiful Target” It B1A4
“My Love”
“The Time Is Over” Ignition 2012
“Baby I’m Sorry”
“Baby Good Night” Ignition: Special Edition
“Tried to Walk” In The Wind
“What’s Happening?” What’s Going On? 2013
“Lonely” Who Am I 2014
“Solo Day” Solo Day
“Sweet Girl” Sweet Girl 2015
“It’s Christmas” It’s Christmas
“A Lie” Good Timing 2016
“A Day of Love” A Day of Love 2019
“Rollin'” 2017
Japanese Version
“Beautiful Target” 1 2012
“Oyasumi Good Night” 1 2012
“What’s Happening? What-Why?” 2 2013
“Solo Day” Miracle Radio -2.5 kHz 2014
“White Miracle” 2015
“Happy Days” 3
“You and I” 4 2017
“Follow Me”
“Do You Remember” 5 2018

Baro’s Instagram

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Latest News About Baro

B1A4's Baro

Not much has been known about Baro’s activities after official news came out of the agency that formed B1A4, WM Entertainment (on June 30th, 2018), about him focusing on his career as an actor. On March 26th, 2019, Baro was reported of playing the leading role in a new drama, Two Hearts. The drama is centered around soccer and tells a passionate story of young people who grow up through their mistakes and failures. Baro will appear as a soccer genius, Cha Sun-woo, who has earned the nickname Little Messi. Alongside Baro, the web drama is also starring Kim Wook and Park Yoo Na.

After his latest news about the web drama, news about him holding a Fan Meeting in Japan on July 27th, 2019, came out. Of course, his Japanese fans were very excited to hear the news. The fan meeting will take place at the Tokyo Shinagawa Intercity Hall, and the ticket reservations are open from June 25th until July 26th, one day before the event starts.

As you already know, Baro (Cha Sun Woo) will begin his military service on July 30th, 2019. So this is the first and the last solo fan meeting in Japan before his enlistment. This has made his fans feel blue, and impatient to have to wait for his next appearance after two years. But, don’t worry, he will come back soon!

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