All You Need to Know About South Korean Actress, Kim Hye-ri (Age, Birthday, Drama List, and Married Life)


List of Kim Hye-ri’s Top 5 Dramas

1. Bad Girls (2002)

bad girls

Bad Girls was a drama aired by SBS, written by Park Hyeon-Ju, and directed by Choi Mun-seok. In this drama, Kim Hye-ri played Lee Yeon-Hee, Sung Yu-Ri as Han Yeol-Mae, Park Sol-Mi as Park Jae-Kyeong.

This drama is about three girls who will overcome their difficulties and achieve success. Just being nice and kind does not make you succeed. So Lee Yeon-Hee, Han Yeol-Mae, Park Jae-kyeong decide to be bad to survive. Precisely, they become vicious to have their love and happiness against the real world. After all their struggles with their work and love, they find their way to win it. All the betrayal in their love, and obstacles in their work, make them stronger.

2. Auction House (2007)

auction house

Auction House was a drama aired by MBC with a total of 12 episodes. The drama was written by Kim Nam-Kyeong and directed by Kim Dae-Jin, Kang Dae-Sun, and Lee Jung-Hyo. In this drama, Kim Hye-ri played Min Seo-Rin.

Auction House is about Cha Yeon-Soo (Yoon So-Yi), who is a new recruit at Hi Auction, Korea’s best auction house. Since her dad is an art forger, she is almost forced to quit the company, but she tries to hang on to her job by performing impossible tasks that are delegated to her. A success story about one young woman who takes on the auction world.

3. My Mother is a Daughter-In-Law (2015)


My Mother is a Daughter-In-Law was a pretty popular drama in 2015. The drama was written by Lee Geun-Young and directed by Ko Heung-Sik and was aired by SBS with a total of 136 episodes. The drama also had the most episodes that star Kim Hye-ri. Kim Hye-ri played the lead role as Gyeong-Sook, Lee Yong-joon as Jung-Soo, and Shim Yi-Young as Hyun-Joo.

This drama is about Gyeong-Sook, who married a wealthy older man when she was 19-years-old. Her mother-in-law, who gave her a hard time, died and her husband passed away a couple of years ago.

She only depends on her son Jung-Soo, who is a doctor. Her son Jung-Soo brings home his girlfriend, Hyun-Joo. Gyeong-Sook disapproves of Hyun-Joo because of her poor family background. Nevertheless, Jung-Soo and Hyun-Joo marry. Gyeong-Sook gives Hyun-Joo a hard time. Then, Jung-Soo dies in a car accident. Gyeong-Sook and Hyun-Joo are no longer family. Gyeong-Sook and Hyun-Joo both both marry again. Through a twist of fate, Gyeong-Sook becomes Hyun-Joo’s daughter-in-law.

4. The Promise (2016)

the promise

The Promise was a drama written by Kim Yeon-Shin and Heo In-Moo, and directed by Jeon Woo-Sung that was aired by KBS2. The drama became quite popular in 2016 and  Kim Hye-ri played Park Yoo-kyung.

This drama is about Na-Yeon (Lee Yu-Ri), who is a bright woman. She supports her boyfriend Tae-joon (Seo Jun-Young), who is from a poor background. Do-Hee (Lee Yu-Ri) is Na-Yeon’s twin sister. They have been separated since Do-Hee was adopted by a wealthy couple when she was an infant. For a story, Do-Hee investigates into Tae-joon’s background. She discovers that she has a twin sister, and that Na-Yeon was dumped by Tae-joon. Do-Hee also learns that Tae-joon’s mother got Na-Yeon hospitalized at a psychiatric hospital. Do-Hee visits Na-Yeon at the hospital, but a fire engulfs the hospital and Do-Hee dies. Na-Yeon then takes the identity of her twin sister.

5. Strongest Deliveryman (2017)


Strongest Deliveryman was a drama written by Lee Jung-woo and directed by Jeon Woo-Sung which aired on KBS2 with a total of 16 episodes. This drama was the only drama starring Kim Hye-ri in 2017. In this drama, Kim Hye-ri played Jung Hye-ran.

The drama is about a young man named Choi Kang-soo (Ko Gyung-Pyo) who works as a food delivery person and who has never settled in an area for more than two months. Kang-Soo has a good nature, is happy to help people, and wants to get involved with problems, so he has a lot of friends all over Seoul, resulting in the creation of an online business-based application delivery service, and Kang-Soo and his friends are struggling to build a business that is not easy and has many obstacles.

Kim Hye-ri Was in a Car Accident?


In 2014, for the third time, Kim Hye-ri was involved in a serious case. Kim Hye-ri had an accident while driving a car, drunk. Kim Hye-ri hit a passing car at an intersection while trying to make an illegal left turn in Cheongdam-dong at around 6 a.m. The Kim Hye-ri was intoxicated, and also weeping.

She was then transported to a police station, and took a test to measure her blood alcohol level. Her blood alcohol content came out to 0.177%, enough to get her license revoked.

On this day, Kim Hye-ri explains that she had ignored the sign that said straight to make a left turn, hitting Mr. Kwon’s car. The police stated, “We’re going to bring in Kim Hye Ri soon, and further investigate the details of the accident.”

Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured in the accident.

Kim Hye-ri’s Married Life


Actress Kim Hye-ri is rumored to have been divorced from her husband since 2015. Kim Hye-ri and her ex-husband officially divorced in late June 2015, and it is still not known what caused Kim Hye-ri to decide to divorce her ex-husband.

Kim Hye-ri married a successful businessman named Kangin in 2008. Their wedding was held privately at the Grand Ballroom of Seoul Han-nam-dong Grand Hayat Hotel. After getting married in 2008, Kim Hye-ri and Kangin were blessed with their first child in 2009.

Let’s pray that Kim Hye-ri and her son will always be healthy!