All You Need to Know About South Korean Actress, Kim Hye-ri (Age, Birthday, Drama List, and Married Life)


Get Closer to Korean Actress, Kim Hye-ri

Kim Hye-ri is a South Korean actress who was born in 1969. The name of Kim Hye-ri became increasingly popular as an actress after she starred in the drama Emperor Wang Gun, in 2000. Kim Hye-ri also received several awards such as Best New Actress at the KBS Acting Awards in 1992, and in 2001 she won an Excellence Award at the KBS Acting Awards.

Kim Hye-ri debuted as an actress in 1988 under Gom Entertainment. Before deciding to become an actress, Kim Hye-ri was a Miss World Korea who won in 1988. Kim Hye-ri has also been involved in cases of drunk driving three times in 1997, 2004, and 2014. Let’s take a look at the full profile of Kim Hye-ri!

Full Profile of Actress Kim Hye-ri

  • Real Name : Kim Haeri
  • Name : Kim Hye-ri
  • Date of Birth : December 23, 1969
  • Age : 49 years old
  • Profession : Actress
  • Weight : 167 cm
  • Height : 49 kg
  • Religion : Cristiant
  • Blood Type : A
  • Zodiac : Capricorn
  • Education : Dongguk University, Graduate School of Culture and Arts
  • Entertainment : Gom Entertainment

List of Kim Hye-ri’s Top 3 Movies

1. Death Song (1991)

death song

Death Song is the first horror movie starring Kim Hye-ri. The film was a fairly popular film in 1991-1992, and it even won multiple awards at the 1991 Chunsa Film Art Awards, including Best Film,  at the 1991 Blue Dragon Film Awards, again Best Film, and at the 1992 Grand Bell Awards. The film was directed by Kim Ho-Sun and written by Kim Seung.

This film is about Yun Sim-Deok (Chang Mi-Hee), who is a Korean woman studying singing at Tokyo University in the 1920s, where she falls in love with a married Korean man studying composition. They leave Japan together, returning to Korea by ship. However the closer they come to Korea, the closer they come to being parted; and they throw themselves overboard to be together in death.

2. The Legend of Evil Lake (2003)


The Legend of Evil Lake was a film directed by Lee Kwang-Hoon and written by Hong Ju-Ri which was released on November 28, 2003 with a duration of 92 minutes. In this film Kim Hye-ri played Queen Ji-Seong.

This movie is about how, once upon a time, the Shilla army annihilated the native Auta tribe. The Auta chief’s curse was banished with a sword into a lake. One thousand years later, the Shilla tribe was on the decline. The cunning queen Chinsong sends her best officer, General Biharang, into battle to rescue the unity of the kingdom. In his absence an attempt is made on the life of his lover Jaunbi. Jaunbi flees to the cursed lake where the hate-filled demon of the Auta chief enters her body. Bent on vengeance, the possessed woman returns to the royal residence in order to cruelly send Chinsong and her whole court into the next world.

3. Clementine (2004)


Clementine was Kim Hye-ri’s last film released on May 21, 2004 before she focused on working on dramas. The film was directed by Kim Du-Yeong and written by Hye-Rim Eun. The film is about 100 minutes long.

The film Clementine stars late-’40s or early-’50s Jun Lee as Kim Seung-Hyun, a South Korean Taekwondo champ who, as the film opens, is cheated out of a tournament win against an American competitor. Because the tournament transpired in Las Vegas, those wacky Americans rigged the fight. Meanwhile, Kim’s wife goes to labor and gives birth. The wife dies, leaving Kim Seung-Hyun to raise precocious Sa-Rang by himself.

Eight years later, single dad Kim Seung-Hyun is kicked off of the police department for using excessive force. As luck would have it, the gangsters’ boss was present at the last beat-down, the boss, a short fellow with bad taste in glasses, is convinced Kim is his ticket to making some big bucks. And thus begins Kim Seung-Hyun’s journey in the world of illegal underground fights.

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