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Ga-in Couple with Jo-kwon on MBC’s We Got Married

On October 3, 2009, Ga-In and Jo-Kwon became a couple in the Chuseok special edition of We Got Married, along with couple SG Wannabe’s Lee Seok-hun & host Kim Na-young. Since Ga-In and Jo-Kwon had the highest rating during the show, they were announced as a permanent couple.

They both get huge attention from viewers because of their romantic interaction during the show. Jo-Kwon was funny, lovable, and cheerful, and also hyperactive and talkative. On the other hand, Ga-In had beauty, cuteness, was sexy, and was also skilled at cooking. She’s kind of person who thinks one step ahead and hates to lose. She was older than Jo-Kwon, to reveal her opinion, sometimes she hesitated and felt awkward during first episode. One of her weaknesses was never knowing how to respond Jo Kwon’s teasing.

The fans gave the couple a special name, “Adam Couple”, because they are so petite. During We got Married, they, as Adam Couple, released a duet called “We fell in love”, which got appreciation on KBS Music Bank. This beautiful couple had their first kiss in Bali during their wedding photoshoot. This couple also had the longest virtual marriage in We Got Married, which lasted one year and three months.

There is an episode when Ga-In and Jo Kwon are shopping to cook for both 2AM and the Brown Eyed Girls. The show’s production staff thought that would be nice if they had both groups come together. Ga-In and Jo Kwon cooked for everyone at the 2AM apartment, and both Seulong and Changmin were playing baseball on the Nintendo Wii. The Brown Eyed Girls showed up with toilet paper as a gift ,and they ate together. The next episode was also entertaining, because they did a cooking and bowling competition between 2AM and the Brown Eyed Girls. Such an entertaining and cute couple!

Ga-in’s Love Story and Boyfriend

Ga-in used to have a relationship with Joo Ji Hoon, a South Korean actor who became popular in the K-drama Princess Hours. They had been together as couple for three years before suddenly ending the relationship. Joo Ji Hoon’s label, Key East Entertainment, and Ga-In label, Mystic Entertainment, didn’t immediately issue statements about it, since they needed confirmation from their artists first.

Before they started dating, they had been friends for eight years. They become closer after shooting Ga-In’s music video titled “Fxxk U”. The video showed an intimate and romantic relationship. No one expected it when, not long after that, they become a real couple like they were showing on the music video. Their agencies confirmed the relationship.

Ga-in’s Controversy

Ga-In and her boyfriend’s breakup happened after the rumor of her boyfriend offered her marijuana. Ga-In confessed on her Instagram account multiple times about this incident. She admitted that she did not take any of marijuana, which was offered by a friend of Joo Ji Hoon, her ex-boy friend.

On her Instagram account, she uploaded the following caption:

As you all may know, I’m the girlfriend of a previous junkie (Of course, as far as I know, he has received all appropriate punishment and now lives diligently). But even if I’m Joo Ji Hoon’s girlfriend, [Park Jung Wook shouldn’t have done this]. His friend Park Jung Wook offered me marijuana. Yes, I almost gave in, since I wasn’t in the right mental state. But I’ve been clean all my life, and I won’t do marijuana until it becomes legal. [I don’t need marijuana], I’m already injecting legal morphine. If you’re butt-hurt, smoke [marijuana] and go to jail, or be really ill and take morphine. You’re a dead man if you recommend me to do marijuana.”

She also uploaded screenshot about the evidence, which is translated below,

Park Jung Wook (henceforth ‘P’): What did I do to make you do this to me? Let’s talk.

Ga In (henceforth ‘G’): Weed

P: I said I didn’t.

G: You offered it to me.

P: I told you I was only trying to find a way to make you feel better.

G: You’re backing out.

P: I’m not backing out. It’s the truth.

G: You wanted to make me feel better so you offered me weed? And you’re saying that’s all a joke?

P: I was trying any sort of method to make you feel better.

“I don’t need to shoot ads. I don’t care about my image. I have enough money for me to use and eat until I die. I’m going to voluntarily take a drug test every three months.”

Later on, Ga-In talked about her mental treatment, but she was fully aware about that and not taking advantage by using marijuana. She made the brave statement, “Yes, I’m a mental patient undergoing treatment, and I’m not ashamed of that. I’m going to be cured. I will tell you one by one why I’ve gone crazy, even if it gets me in jail and even if it gets me killed.” Cool Ga-In!

After that, she deleted it all the posts she has been made about this controversy on her Instagram.

Ga-in’s Discography

Extended plays

Title Album details Peak chart positions Sales
KOR US World
Step 2/4
  • Released: October 8, 2010
  • Label: Nega Network, LOEN Entertainment
  • Format: CD+DVD, Digital download
  • KOR: 9,700+
Talk About S
  • Released: October 5, 2012
  • Label: LOEN Entertainment
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • KOR: 10,000+
Romantic Spring
(with Cho Hyung-woo)
  • Released: April 8, 2013
  • Label: LOEN Entertainment
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • KOR: 5,100+
Truth or Dare
  • Released: February 6, 2014
  • Label: APOP Entertainment, LOEN Entertainment
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • KOR: 6,500+
  • Released: March 12, 2015
  • Label: APOP Entertainment, LOEN Entertainment
  • Format: CD, digital download
5 9
  • KOR: 4,300+
End Again
  • Released: September 8, 2016
  • Label: APOP Entertainment, LOEN Entertainment
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • KOR: 2,747


Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Album
Hot 100
“Must Have Love”
(with Kim Yong-jun of SG Wannabe)
2006 N/A N/A Unknown Must Have Love (Single album)
“Must Have Friends”
(with Kim Yong-jun of SG Wannabe)
(with Hyuna, Uee and Han Seung-yeon as 4Tomorrow)
2009 Non-album single
“Irreversible (돌이킬 수 없는)” 2010 1
  • KOR: 1,643,151+
Step 2/4
“Bad Temper” 11 Unknown Non-album single
“Bloom (피어나)” 2012 2 2
  • KOR: 1,914,675+
Talk About S
“Nostalgia (노스텔지아)”
(featuring Eric Mun of Shinhwa)
13 14
  • KOR: 443,232+
Non-album single
(with Cho Hyung-woo)
2013 19 36
  • KOR: 235,930+
Romantic Spring
“Fxxk U”
(featuring Bumkey)
2014 3 2
  • KOR: 651,438+
Truth or Dare
“Truth or Dare (진실 혹은 대담)” 8 7
  • KOR: 432,674+
“A Tempo” 22 29
  • KOR: 130,915+
Non-album single
(featuring Jay Park)
2015 2 N/A
  • KOR: 625,263+
“Paradise Lost” 6
  • KOR: 366,047+
“When The Twelve O’clock (열두 시가 되면)” 24
  • KOR: 197,696+
When The Twelve O’clock
“Carnival (The Last Day)” 2016 40
  • KOR: 131,861+
End Again
(with Jeff Bernat)
2017 82 Unknown Non-album single

Other charted songs

Title Year Peak chart positions Album
Hot 100
“Nitchell (Baby-G Mix)” 2010 132 N/A Step 2/4
“Tango the Night” 90
“Esperando” 117
“The One Who Sings” 78
“Truth” 56
“Tinkerbell” 2012 30 22 Talk About S
“Tiredness” 33 24
“The Gaze”
(featuring Yoon Jong-Shin)
65 56
“Catch Me If You Can” 89 80
“2 O’Clock Date” 2013 118 Romantic Spring
“Sway” 158
“Let Me In” 171
(featuring Jo Kwon of 2AM)
2014 33 27 Truth or Dare
“Black & White” 51 40
“Disclosure” 77 64
“I Believe” 65 N/A My Spring Days: Original Soundtrack
“Free Will”
(featuring Dok2)
2015 45 Hawwah
“Guilty” 51
“Two Women” 72
“The First Temptation” 74

Collaborative singles

Title Year Peak chart positions Album
Hot 100
(Choi Jung-chul featuring Gain)
2008 N/A N/A Marriage (Single album)
“We Fell in Love”
(with Jo Kwon of 2AM)
2009 1 Non-album single
“For You Not to Know”
(As One cover)
2012 8 9 Yoon Il-sang 21st Anniversary Album: I’m 21
“Someone Else”
(Park Jin-Young featuring Gain)
2 4 Spring: 5 Songs for 1 New Love
“Take Out”
(Ra.D featuring Gain)
21 15 LOEN Tree: Summer Story
“MaMa Beat”
(LC9 featuring Gain)
2013 86 Skirmish
“Everybody Has Secrets”
(IU featuring Gain)
2 3 Modern Times
“Seoul Lonely”
(Phantom featuring Gain)
2014 23 53 Phantom Power
(Miryo featuring Gain)
2015 98 N/A Queen (Single album)

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