Get Closer With South Korean Singer, BoA (Full Profile, Interesting Facts, Boyfriend, Songs, ETC)


BoA, Queen of Kpop

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One year after she debuted in South Korea, she began to prepare her debut in Japan and her first Japanese mini-album ‘Don’t Start Now’ sold around 90.000 units. Although BoA was busy with her schedule in Japan, her existence in the K-Pop industry as a soloist didn’t fade right away. She released several albums in both South Korea and Japan at the same time, and became a hit right away.

Not only popular in Asia, she also spread her wings to the US in 2008 and gained worldwide attention as a K-Pop singer who was able to breakthrough to the America Entertainment Industry along with Wonder Girls from JYP entertainment.

BoA’s Height Because of SM?

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In an episode of KBS “Win Win” in 2012, BoA revealed her hardship as a ‘pioneer’ in spreading the hallyu wave in Japan during her era. While she talking about the hardship, she also complained about dieting when she was 14, which could have meant she lacked the nutrition that she need to grow. BoA said that she hold a grudge against S.M Entertainment for making her short.

Relationship Between BoA and Joo Won

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BoA and Joo Won’s relationship was first published in January of 2017 and was confirmed by both of their agencies. There is a rumor that BoA and Joo Won became a couple through Yunho from TVXQ. But unfortunately, after 1 year together, they decided to break up when Joo Won entered into his military service for 2 years starting in May 2017.

Best BoA Songs of All Time

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18 years in K-Pop means the world is full of BoA masterpieces in Korea, Japan, and America. BoA released 29 albums in total, and 76 singles. 29 albums including 18 studio albums, 2 live albums, 6 compilation albums, 1 EP, and 2 remix albums. Among the 76 singles, here are some the best of BoA songs of all time.


ID: Peace B

Amazing Kiss

Shine We Are

My Name

Key of Heart


Atlantis Princess


No. 1


Hurricane Venus


The Shadow


Copy & Paste




Only One


Spring Rain




Nega Dola


One Shot Two Shot



Amazing Kiss




Every Heart


Shout It Out


Masayume Chasing





Eat You Up







The Meaning of Peace feat Kumi Koda


Tri-Angle feat TVXQ and Trax


I Did It For Love feat Sean Garret


One Dream feat Henry Super Junior and Key SHINee

One Dream feat Top 10 SBS Kpop Star 3 


Who Are You feat Gaeko


[SM Station 1] No Matter What feat Beenzino


[SM Station] Music is Wonderful feat Beat Burger


[SM Station 2] Man in the Mirror feat Siedah Garret


Dear My Family feat All S.M.Town Artist