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The Youngest Soloist to Debut, BoA

BoA then and now

BoA debuted on August 25, 2000. She joined SM Entertainment 2 years before that, after her brother persuaded their parents to let BoA focus on music. At first, her brother entered a dance competition to show off his break-dancing while BoA performed for a sponsorship opening event on the same day. BoA was scouted that day, and was getting contracted by 15 agencies at the same time. BoA set a record when she debuted as the youngest soloist in K-Pop at the age of 13 with her current agency, S.M Entertainment.

BoA’s Debut Era

BoA debut

After one year as a trainee, BoA first appeared on the music show was on September 3, 2000 at SBS’s “Inkigayo”. Her debut song ‘ID: Peace B’ was released on August 25, 2000 along with the music video.

For her stage debut, her dancing and vocals were stable although she had only trained for one year. Here is her stage debut on SBS’s “Inkigayo”.

BoA = Best of Asia

BoA singer

BoA who has been successful since her debut, has a career as bright as the stars. One year after her debut in South Korea, she began to prepare her debut in Japan and her first Japanese mini-album ‘Don’t Start Now’ sold around 90.000 units at the time. That same year, she debuted in Japan and received an award from MTV Taiwan Music Award as New Sound Prize. In 2004, BoA received 2 awards at  the MTV Asia Awards: Favourite Korean Artist and Most Influential Asian Artist even with her young age compared to the other nominees which shows her strong image and foundation in the music industry.

Up until now, she has already been nominated for 47 awards in ceremonies in both Korea and Japan, and won 36 awards including the awards she won for her music and acting. Also, she has already won 23 trophies on South Korean music shows since her debut until now.

BoA is a Multitalented Singer and Actress

boa acting

Having debuted as a soloist at a really young age didn’t stop BoA from spreading her wings. Having earned success as a singer in Korea, Japan, and America, she was also involved in several dramas and movies in Korea and America. Her first appearance as an actress was in the movie ‘Make Your Move’ which was released overseas. Here is the list of her appearance as an actress in dramas and movies.

BoA Drama List
Year Title Role
2000 Golbangi [Guest Role]
2010 Athena: Goddess of War [Guest Role] BoA
2013 Looking Forward to Romance [Main Role] Joo Yeon Ae
2016 My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week [Main Role]

Scriptwriter Kim Bo-Yeong


BoA Movie
BoA Movie List
Year Title Role
2012 I Am [Main Role] BoA
2014 Make Your Move [Main Role] Aya
2014 Big Match [Support Role]

Soo Kyung – Woman in Mystery

2017 Autumn Sonata [Main Role] Soo-Ryun


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