Recommended by Lee Yong-Ja! Here Are Some of the Most Popular Yakiniku Restaurants in Korea!


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Pay attention to Korean gourmet recommended by female entertainer Lee Young-Ja!

Recently, the famous comedian Lee Young-Ja who has been making a Korean entertainment program under the nickname “Food Professor.” I want to introduce the popular yakiniku restaurant recommended by Lee Yong-Ja!

(* Store information is current at the time of publication. Please note that prices and opening hours are subject to change without notice.)



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“Chindegam” is a restaurant where you can eat famous Korean beef with multiple stores in Seoul. In particular, this Sinsa store is renowned for many entertainers coming to the store!

The accessible menu is “Cadorugi,” a thin slice of beef and “Chadorsumama” (23,000 won per person). It’s best to eat juicy meat wrapped in scallops and garnished vegetables. Of course, it is recommended to add rice to make the rice cake (3,000 won).

It is also close to the station, and there is a set menu (from 6,000 won), so I am happy that it is easy to use for lunch and one person.

Address: Seoul City, Seocho-gu

Business hours: 11: 30-22: 30 (14: 30-17: 00 break time)

Neat Calbee


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Cheongdam Calbee is a very local yakiniku restaurant located in Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, next to Seoul.

This accessible menu is the seasoned pork ribs (17,000 won per person) that Lee Young-Jae was eating on the show. The side dishes that come out with the garnish are also abundant, and it is Lee Yong-JA’s way to mix them with rice and eat them as bibimbap.

It’s a little disappointing that it takes about an hour by car from Seoul and you can’t go without a car.

Address: 987 Bukhan River Road, Sejong-myeon, Gyeonggi-do

Opening hours: Weekdays 12: 00-21: 00, weekends 11; 30-21: 00 (15: 00-17: 00 break time)

Tokkogi 506


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Enjoy the pork that has been aged for 506 hours at the Toggigi 506 Samgyeopsal store in Yeoksam. It is a popular store for young people with a large interior and interior decoration.

As the name suggests, it is characterized by juicy meat that has been fermented and aged for 506 hours. Among them, “D806 Aged Samgyopsal” (17,000 won per person), which is aged for 806 hours, limited to 20 meals a day, is said to be the most popular!

It is a popular store that is indispensable for the procession, but it seems that the 3rd-floor private room can be reserved in advance by paying a separate charge (20,000-30,000 won). Reservations are safe when visiting large groups.

Address: Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Yeoksam 3-ro

Business hours: 11: 30-22: 30 (* Closed on Sundays)

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