PIXY Sua Full Profile, Fun Facts, Official Debut


Everything You Need To Know About PIXY Sub-Vocalist Member Choi Su-a Full Profile Here!

ALLART Entertainment and Happy Tribe Entertainment announced that they held debuted of South Korean girl group, PIXY, on February 24, 2021. For your information, PIXY (hangul: 픽시) has 6 original members line-up with Ella, Lola, Satbyeol, Dia, Sua, and Dajeong. They released their debut song titled “Wings”.

This article details information about one of PIXY’s members who used to learn ballet and has positive energy. Do you know about her? Well, she is PIXY’s Sua! Let’s learn more about her and PIXY’s Sua’s full profile and fun facts in this session below!

PIXY Sua Profile


Real Name : Choi Su-a (hangul: 최수아)

Stage Name : Su-a (hangul: 수아)

Birth : Busan, South Korea, February 24, 2003

Star Sign : Pisces

Height : 162 cm (5’3″)

Blood Type : B

Position of the group : Sub-Vocalist

Nationality : Korean

PIXY Sua Fun Facts

  1. PIXY’s Sua is the fifth member to join the group
  2. PIXY’s Sua’s MBTI is ESTP
  3. PIXY’s Suahas an older sister and a younger brother
  4. PIXY’s Sua was born on the same day as T1419‘s Kairi
  5. PIXY’s Sua can plays piano
  6. PIXY’s Sua is a former student at HAK ENTER
  7. PIXY’s Sua feels most relaxed when she is sleeping
  8. PIXY’s Sua said that sleeping is her happiness
  9. PIXY’s Sua did fine art for half of her life
  10. PIXY’s Sua used to do ballet
  11. PIXY’s Sua loves Busan, especially the coast
  12. PIXY’s Sua is the positive one in her family
  13. PIXY’s Sua will call her family to relieve her stress
  14. PIXY’s Sua’s favorite idol is MAMAMOO
  15. PIXY’s Sua’S favorite scene from PIXY’s “Wings” music video is her scene
  16. PIXY’s Sua can play the piano
  17. PIXY’s Sua’s official color is Yellow
  18. PIXY’s Sua and Dajeong are best friends due to being of the same age
  19. PIXY’s Sua always brings positive energy and makes them laugh, according to the members
  20. PIXY’s Sua was told to stop practicing ballet because of a back injury
  21. PIXY’s Sua perused the fine arts for half her life
  22. PIXY’s Sua recommends the remix of “Wings” on the “Bravery” album
  23. PIXY’s Sua would rather grow tall than build muscles
  24. PIXY’s Sua would pick friends over money

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