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PIXY Saetbyeol Full Profile, Fun Facts, Official Debut

PIXY Saetbyeol
PIXY Saetbyeol

Learn More About the Full Profile of PIXY Lead Rapper Jeon Yoo-jin a.k.a Saetbyeol Here!

Do you know about the South Korean group PIXY that debuted in 2021? For your information, PIXY has a line-up of 6 original members, with Ella, Lola, Satbyeol, Dia, Sua, and Dajeong. They officially debuted on February 24th, 2021, with their debut single “Wings”. In this article, let’s learn more about one of the PIXY members, Saetbyeol, who holds the position of lead rapper. Let’s find out more about her full profile, fun facts, the debut era, in this article below.

PIXY Saetbyeol Profile

PIXY Saetbyeol

Real Name: Jeon Yoo-jin (Hangul: 전유진)

Stage Name: Saetbyeol (Hangul: 샛별)

Place and Date of Birth: Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, South Korea, February 27th, 2001

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 165 cm (5’5″)

Blood Type: A

Family Members: Parents and a Younger Sister (Jeon So-jin, born in 2022)

Education: Hanlim Performing Arts High School (Department of Applied Music/Graduation)

Position in the group: Lead Rapper

Nationality: Korean

PIXY Saetbyeol Fun Facts

  1. PIXY’s Saetbyeol’s favorite foods are bread, snacks, milk, yogurt, pineapple, and ice cream
  2. PIXY’s Saetbyeol likes singing songs by BOL4 and IU on karaoke
  3. PIXY’s Saetbyeol dislikes salty or greasy foods
  4. PIXY’s Saetbyeol likes to color coordinate her outfits
  5. PIXY’s Saetbyeol’s favorite colors are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Navy, Purple, Pink, White, and Black
  6. PIXY’s Saetbyeol was a former MIXNINE contestant (Rank 161)
  7. PIXY’s Saetbyeol appeared in the drama Chubby Romance and Chubby Romance 2
  8. PIXY’s Saetbyeol is good at singing, writing lyrics, and playing the guitar
  9. PIXY’s Saetbyeol’s specialties are drinking milk fast, Taekwondo, drawing caricatures
  10. PIXY’s Saetbyeol’s favorite season is Fall
  11. PIXY’s Saetbyeol is friends with Jueun from Ariaz
  12. PIXY’s Saetbyeol would spend time alone to relieve stress
  13. PIXY’s Saetbyeol’s favorite idol is IU
  14. PIXY’s Saetbyeol’s favorite scene from PIXY’s music video “Wings” is the Chandelier break scene
  15. PIXY’s Saetbyeol is more of a listener and isn’t very good at talking
  16. PIXY’s Saetbyeol’s gums get itchy when she’s nervous
  17. PIXY’s Saetbyeol’s favorite fashion items are earrings
  18. PIXY’s Saetbyeol’s MBTI type is ISFJ
  19. PIXY’s Saetbyeol is a former member of the girl group Girls’ Alert and left in April 2020 when her contract was terminated due to the pandemic
  20. PIXY’s Saetbyeol’s official color in PIXY is white
  21. PIXY’s Saetbyeol would rather be a CEO than a very popular YouTuber
  22. PIXY’s Saetbyeol would rather eat bibim cold noodles than water cold noodles
  23. PIXY’s Saetbyeol has enjoyed singing and dancing since she was a child
  24. PIXY’s Saetbyeol started auditioning for entertainment companies when she was in 5th grade
  25. PIXY’s Saetbyeol once got swindled by a company, but it only motivated her to practice harder
  26. PIXY’s Saetbyeol would be happy if she had a chance to give people gifts and see their reactions
  27. PIXY’s Saetbyeol is very kindhearted, reliable, and pure according to Ella and Dia
  28. PIXY’s Saetbyeol likes taking care of her members, especially the younger ones
  29. PIXY’s Saetbyeol would rather have an extra finger than lose one
  30. PIXY’s Saetbyeol’s voice when rapping is low-pitched. Taking advantage of her strengths, she sometimes takes on the killing part in the middle of the song
  31. PIXY’s Saetbyeol is playful, but she has a gentle personality
  32. PIXY’s Saetbyeol likes yellow and the character Pooh
  33. PIXY’s Saetbyeol resembles actress Go Ara
  34. PIXY’s Saetbyeol says she likes spicy food

PIXY Saetbyeol Debut Era

The debut era is the most important moment for K-Pop idols because, usually, in this era, there are many people who judge their quality on stage. Girl groups in South Korea usually choose the concept of cute, sexy, and innocent for their debut era. Meanwhile, PIXY are a little bit different from other groups’ concepts because they debuted with a gothic theme and made it mysterious.

PIXY (Hangul: 픽시) debuted on February 24th, 2021, with their debut single titled “Wings”. It is a line-up of 6 original members, with Ella, Lola, Satbyeol, Dia, Sua, Dajeong, signed under ALLART Entertainment and managed by Happy Tribe Entertainment. PIXY unexpectedly surprised K-Pop fans because their debut concept with “Wings” was different from K-Pop girl groups in general.

Through the “Wings” music video, you can see the appearance of the members who look amazing with a dark concept. Besides, “Wings” also has the meaning of a wing that is given to every PIXY member so that they can get out of their comfort zone. The “Wings” music video was also released at the same time as PIXY’s debut.

Not only that, but PIXY were also given the opportunity to promote their debut song, “Wings” in front of the public and they made a really great performance. On March 5th, 2021, PIXY held their debut stage that was aired on Simply K-Pop and performed their debut song “Wings” very well. You can watch PIXY’s Saetbyeol’s debut performance of “Wings” in the focus fancam below.

What do you think about PIXY’s Saetbyeol’s debut era?

Well, that was all the information about PIXY’s Saetbyeol and everything you should know about her. Let’s keep sending her a lot of love and support, so her career can shine even brighter in the future. If you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned for more, interesting upcoming articles from Byeol Korea!