PIXY Dajeong Full Profile, Fun Facts, Official Debut

PIXY Dajeong
PIXY Dajeong

Everything You Need To Know About PIXY Youngest Member Jung Da-jeong Full Profile Here!

PIXY (hangul: 픽시) is a South Korean girl group that debuted under ALLART Entertainment and is managed by Happy Tribe Entertainment. This girlgroup has 6 original members line-up with Ella, Lola, Satbyeol, Dia, Sua, and Dajeong. PIXY officially held their debut on February 24, 2021 with “Wings”.

In this article, you will be invited to get to know one of the members of PIXY, who also has the position of sub-vocalist and maknae. Do you know who she is? Well, make sure you don’t skip any session in this article below, and let’s get straight to getting to know PIXY’s Dajeong!

PIXY Dajeong Profile

PIXY Dajeong

Real Name : Jung Da-jeong (hangul: 정다정)

Stage Name : Dajeong (hangul: 다정)

Birth : July 31, 2003

Star Sign : Leo

Height : 158 cm (5’2″)

Weight : 42 kg (93 lb)

Blood Type : O

Position of the group : Sub-Vocalist, Maknae

Education : Lila Art High School

Nationality : Korean

PIXY Dajeong Fun Facts

  1. PIXY’s Dajeong is the fourth member to join the group
  2. PIXY’s Dajeong is a former Marbling E&M Inc trainee and she has performed with Busters once
  3. PIXY’s Dajeong is a former member of SUPA
  4. PIXY’s Dajeong was a model under Cookiemaru
  5. PIXY’s Dajeong was featured in a ZAMSTER Episode on Youtube
  6. PIXY’s Dajeong  is a fan of Lee Hyori
  7. PIXY’s Dajeong plays Overwatch
  8. PIXY’s Dajeong hates pineapple on pizza
  9. PIXY’s Dajeong wants to try colored her hair gray
  10. PIXY’s Dajeong wants to have teleportation as a superpower
  11. PIXY’s Dajeong’s favorite snack is chocolate
  12. PIXY’s Dajeong’s a cat person
  13. PIXY’s Dajeong wants to collaborate with is Zara Larsson
  14. PIXY’s Dajeong’s favorite bingsu flavor is oreo
  15. PIXY’s Dajeong wanted to be a news anchor when she was younger
  16. PIXY’s Dajeong promised her parents that she would call them every day when she left home to live in the dorm, so they wouldn’t worry
  17. PIXY’s Dajeong does a lot of aegyo with the other members
  18. PIXY’s Dajeong’s school friend’s first impression of her was that she was very tough and sharp but she was surprisingly soft and nice
  19. PIXY’s Dajeong and her school friends went to Namsan-Tower to put a lock on the fence to wish Dajeong luck with her debut in Pixy. On the lock, they wrote all their names and “Success & Friendship”
  20. PIXY’s Dajeong will call her family to relieve stress
  21. PIXY’s Dajeong’s favorite scene from PIXY’s “Wings” music video is the falling scene
  22. PIXY’s Dajeong used to play piano and violin when she was young, but she doesn’t remember well now
  23. PIXY’s Dajeong’s favorite colors are pink and yellow
  24. PIXY’s Dajeong played the piano and the violin when she was younger, however, she can no longer remember how to play
  25. PIXY’s Dajeong’s representative color is Red
  26. PIXY’s Dajeong prefers coffee over tea

That was all for the information about PIXY’s Dajeong and everything you should know about her. Let’s keep sending her a lot of love and support, so her career will shine even more in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for other interesting upcoming articles from Byeol Korea!