All You Need to Know About Pentagon Members’ ABS That Will Melt Your Heart!

Boy group from South Korea which was debuted under CUBE entertainment in October 10, 2016, called PENTAGON consist for official 10 members. They were Hui, Jinho, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yanan, Yeo One, Yuto, Kino, Wooseok, and E’dawn. Pentagon was created through the Mnet survival show called Pentagon Maker. Unfortunately, E’dawn left the group on November 14, 2018, after he officially announced about dating with fellow singer Hyuna without informing CUBE  Entertainment.

After they were debuted, fans want to everything about their idol, such as their update activities, their daily life, New fashion, new hair style, their diet tips, until their abs.

In this article, Byeol Korea will give you a rundown of everything about Pentagon Member’s Toned Abs, Jinho’s Abs, Hui’s Abs, Hongseok’s Abs, Shinwon’s Abs, Yeo One’s Abs, Yan An’s Abs, Yuto’s Abs, Kino’s Abs, and Wooseok’s Abs.

Pentagon Member’s Toned Abs

 Pentagon is one of South Korea idols boy group who have all good-looking member with perfect body proportion. Let’s check it out every member visual and perfect body!

Jinho’s Abs


Actually, Jinho is older member of Pentagon, but he always expected as maknae (youngest member) in the group because his small body and cute baby face. He is known as cutest tiny hyung. He has shy and calm personality that make him looks more younger than older.

Although Jinho does not have abs, but his tiny body looks more fit with his cute face. Even his in 27 years old, but he seems like high school student. That’s is Jinho’s charm which could make his fans melting and loving him so much. However, with her calm and shy personality even his red apple smile has been winning his fans hearts.

Jinho position as main vocalist in the group which is approve his stable, sweet like honey, and high tone vocal in his voice. However, all about Jinho could make you falling in love without hesitant.

 Hui’s Abs


Leader of boy group Pentagon, Hui, is known as lead vocalist, producer, song-writer, and the male idol who has good body with abs. Even-though, Hui must worked hard to build the chocolate abs, but his effort produced the good result because his fans love his abs so much.

Hui who looks cool and sexy when he was worked in his music even looked more sexy with his fit body and his toned abs. Although he looks like he has thin body portion, but actually Hui has a good body with strong muscle and healthy.


Hongseok’s Abs

Known as one pillars main vocalist of Pentagon, beside Hongseok famous as male idol who has best abs among all male idol in various group. He also has the best portion body in Pentagon. It’s not wrong because his hobby is working out and sport. Hongseok even make sure that he must working out as his routine activity and he is thinking his best attribute is his abs.

Hongseok has naive and naughty facial expression himself that make him more attractive and his charismatic aura making his fans cannot looks away from his charm. With handsome face and has chocolate abs plus with sweet voice, Hongseok success winning everyone hearts.

In July, 2019, the Cube Entertainment idol recently appeared on the July edition of ‘Men’s Health‘ and boy did he deliver. It seems like hongseok’s body is made of pure muscle and absolute sexy charm! His adorable face and built body are definitely a sight worth seeing. Netizens have been fangirling, stating that Hongseok is “the definition of perfection.

Men Health Korea posting Hongseok photo with new cover on official Instagram then netizens and fans commented: “Damn Hongseok looks so healthy”, “Shocked”, “Holysh*t”, “Omg”, “Cute on the outside, sexy body is the inside”, “I thought this was an edit”, “Perfect”, “Wow”, “I am breathless”, and etcetera.

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