Everything About All of Us Are Dead Actor Park Solomon Profile, Nationality, Drama List

Park Solomon
Park Solomon

Meet the Heartthrob Actor and Scene-Stealer Park Solomon

In early 2022, the Netflix series All of Us Are Dead was released and successfully drew attention. Especially, since the series was an adaptation from a Webtoon, those fans of Webtoons have anticipated the series as well.

Thanks to the huge success of All of Us Are Dead, many people started to be curious about every single member of the main cast, and one of them is young actor Park Solomon. With an amazing acting appearance and attractive visuals, he has become one of the heartthrob actors of this generation. Let’s get to know Park Solomon better through the Byeol Korea article below.

Full Profile of Park Solomon

Park Solomon

Birth Name: Park Solomon

Stage Name: Lomon

Place and Date of Birth: Uzbekistan, November 11th, 1999

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 183 cm

Weight: N/A

Blood Type: A

Occupation: Actor, Model

Years Active: 2014–present

Label: Sidus HQ, Big Smile Entertainment (2022–present)

Instagram: lomon991111

Don’t Miss Out the Park Solomon Fun Facts

  • Park Solomon graduated from Apgujeong High School
  • Park Solomon was born in Uzbekistan and raised in Russia
  • He can speak Korean and Chinese, he also explains that he wants to learn other languages
  • Park Solomon learned acting from the director of his former agency, Sidus HQ. The director’s name is Ahn Hyuk-mo
  • He is a huge fan of BIGBANG
  • His acting debut was in 2016 through Horror Stories 3 – A Girl from Mars
  • He used to dream of becoming a K-Pop idol
  • In 2020, he changed his stage name into Lomon since previously he has used his real name
  • Park Solomon’s MBTI type is INFP-T

Park Solomon Nationality

Many fans are curious about Park Solomon’s nationality and whether he is half-mixed or of pure Korean descent due to his physical appearance. Turns out, the actor once freely talked about his nationality.

Park Solomon was born in Uzbekistan and is known as Koryo Person (Koryo-in). The term refers to the Korean ethnics who moved to the Russian Empire in the early 19th century. Furthermore, he explained that he was born in Uzbekistan to parents who grew up there as Koryo Persons. 

Despite all of those matters, Park Solomon said that he identifies as a Korean. When he was still in middle school, his family moved back to South Korea and continued their life there until now.

Park Solomon Drama and Movie List


Year Title Role
2014 Bride of the Century Choi Kang-joo (young)
2014 4 Legendary Witches Ma Do-hyun (young)
2015 The Doctors Hong Ji-hong (teen)
2016 Shopping King Louie
2017 The Guardians Yoon Si-wan



Year Title Role
2015 The Empty Home Yoon Chan
2016 Earth to the Galaxy Ji-gu
2016 Horror Stories 3 PZ3000


Web Series

Year Title Role
2017 Sweet Revenge Shin Ji-hoon
2019 Lookism Tuo Wen Shuai/Kris
2022 All of Us Are Dead Lee Soo-hyuk

Park Solomon in Sweet Revenge

Park Solomon started to gain recognition in the entertainment industry after starring in the web series titled Sweet Revenge in 2017. The series tells about school life and a student named Ho Go-hee (Kim Hyang-gi) who finds a mysterious application on her phone to get revenge on anyone. It somehow ‘protects’ her life since Go-hee had been a bullying victim very often.

In Sweet Revenge, Park Solomon acted as Shin Ji-hoon. The guy is well-known for his caring personality, and he has been very kind towards Go-hee. Both Ji-hoon and Go-hee have developed feelings for each other, and they successfully made the viewers go crazy over their chemistry.

Park Solomon in Lookism

Back in 2019, Lomon starred in a Chinese web series drama titled Lookism. The series depicts a story about a guy who doesn’t have a good-looking appearance, but he somehow transforms into someone else overnight. This gives him the opportunity to have two different bodies, thus getting the chance to live a new life with the other body. 

In Lookism, Park Solomon played the role of Tuo Wen-shuai or Kris, the ‘Handsome’ protagonist character. Due to the Lookism project, Lomon learned Chinese very fast. He even took the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) which is known as the Chinese Proficiency Test.

Park Solomon in All of Us Are Dead

Through Netflix’s sensational series All of Us Are Dead, Park Solomon successfully gained more recognition for his acting. The series depicts the story of a bunch of students in Hyosan High School who want to survive in the middle of a chaotic situation. It was because of the spread of an unknown virus created by their school’s teacher who turned someone into a monster-zombie.

The rest of Hyosan High School students are trying to save themselves while protecting each other, even if they have to sacrifice their lives. Park Solomon plays the role of Lee Soo-hyuk, a former bad guy student who has changed. With his handsome looks, many female students are attracted to him. 

Meanwhile, he has a crush on the class president, a student named Choi Nam-ra (Cho Yi-hyun). Park Solomon’s chemistry with Cho Yi-hyun also received a lot of praise from the viewers, even more, they thought that the two of them could be a very adorable couple in real life.

That’s everything about the young actor Park Solomon! After his success with All of Us Are Dead, we do hope that he will gain more recognition and come back with lots of amazing drama and movie projects in the future.

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