Get Closer With Block B’s Rapper Park Kyung (Investing Bitcoin, Career of Being Idol, and Latest News)


All You Need to Know With Block B’s Park Kyung

Block B is one of those bands in the Korean entertainment industry that is known for having made their name on their own, with their skills and quality music. Having had a tough time during their early years with less than stellar management team and constantly being plagued with scandals, it is to the surprise of most that they have now become a household name with several hits under their belt, with some of the members even branching out in a successful sub-unit and solo ventures.

Park Kyung is one of the well-known members of the bunch, having promoted as an underground rapper before the group’s debut and having a very successful solo career outside of the group, in music and variety shows. With hits such as “Ordinary Love,” “Inferiority Complex,” and “INSTANT,” he must have been rolling in all of the fame and fortune his music has brought him. Yet, not too long ago, Park Kyung expressed the tough times he had to go through as a member of Block B and how those struggles led him to investing part of his paycheck into bitcoin.

So, under what circumstances Park Kyung was led into doing such an impulsive thing? Is he having financial struggles despite all the success his solo career has brought him? Or does it have anything to do with Block B’s lack of promotions since their last single, “Yesterday?” Let’s dive deeper into Park Kyung’s sudden interest in Bitcoin and his struggles as an idol group member!

Park Kyung’s Is Investing in Bitcoin

Park Kyung Byeol Korea

On January 17th, 2018, while Block B was promoting their latest single “Don’t Leave Me,” they appeared on Kim Shin-young’s Hope Song at noon to promote the said single and talk a little bit about their experiences in the past year. Park Kyung then talked about what he says is the dumbest thing he’s done recently and something he highly regrets doing in 2017, which is investing some of his earnings into Bitcoin.

Bitcoins are a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system that works without a central bank or single administrator. The cryptocurrency could be called the latest fad within millennials as some have seen its exorbitant prices rise with each coming day, creating unexpected millionaires left and right. The trend seemed to have roped in even Park Kyung into investing in it. 

Park Kyung revealed, “I invested a bit into Bitcoin, and that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever done lately. When I invested in it, it was all a red light, but I knew this would happen. I learned my lesson.” When he first bought Bitcoins, the value was still on the rise but soon after, due to some troubles with legalities and the sudden rise of buyers, the value of the cryptocurrency declined, unlike past trends show, with value rising upwards of $1000 with every hour that passes. It would have been like a dream come true, but unfortunately for Park Kyung, the value of Bitcoins have been cut nearly in half.

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