Let’s See The Transformation Of Boys Before Flowers Child Actor Park Ji-bin Throughout The Years!

Park Jibin

Let’s Meet the Young South Korean Actor Who Starred in Boys Before Flowers As Geum Jan-di Brother Park Ji-bin

The drama series ‘Boys Over Flowers’ became a favorite among viewers at the time of its release. This Korean drama first aired on January 5, 2009, on KBS2TV. The drama revolves around the romance between Geum Jan-di and the head of the F4 gang, Goo Jun-pyo, who was famous for being arrogant and spoiled because he came from a wealthy family. Geum Jan-di herself was said to come from an ordinary family, who only had a laundry business near her school.

Do you still remember the role of Geum Jan-di’s younger brother in the drama “Boys Before Flowers?” The boy in the drama who used to seem cute and compassionate has grown into a charming adult man. Park Ji-bin grew quickly and has impressed netizens at his current face. He was known to have started his mandatory military service on May 26, 2015, when he was only 20 years old. Park Ji-bin was even known to serve as an active division 37 soldier.

Park Ji-bin was born on March 14, 1995, in Seoul, South Korea. He was on hiatus for four years for focusing on undergoing his education and conscription. He began his acting career in 2001 as a cast member in a musical drama. Intrigued by Park Ji-bin’s transformation throughout the years? This is Park Ji-bin’s transformation from a sweet and adorable little boy to a very charming adult man who fascinates anyone who sees him!

In this article, Byeol Korea will show you the transformation of South Korean young actor who starred in ‘Boys Before Flowers’ as Geum Jan-di’s little brother, Park Ji-bin. From little cute and adorable boy to charming adult man. So, stay tuned!

Childhood vs Now

Park Jibin

For you Korean drama lovers, of course the following title will not be foreign to you: Boys Before Flowers, often abbreviated as BBF. Well, do you still remember Geum Jan-di’s younger brother, Geum Kang-san? Over the last eleven years, he has now transformed into a charming adult man.

Geum Kang-san was played by Park Ji-bin, a talented young actor born in 1995. Although still very young, this guy has played in many famous dramas such as Queen Seondeok, Incarnation of Money, May Queen and of course, Boys Over Flowers, and won various awards. Now that he has matured, Park Ji-bin is more handsome and leaves anyone who sees him enchanted. You don’t believe it? Check out his transformation below!

Park Ji-bin when he was currently playing Geum Kang-san in the drama BBF. Still a cute and adorable little kid.

Park Jibin

This is a photo of him playing a role in the colossal drama Queen Seondeok in 2009. Still looks adorable, right?

Park Jibin

Well, in 2013, he played in the drama Incarnation of Money, which made fans surprised because of the abs he had at a very young age.

Park Jibin

His appearance is more mature in this picture from 2014.

Park Jibin

Then, he entered the Military Service in 2015.

Park Jibin

Now he is more mature, and certainly attracts the attention of all the ladies who see him!

Park Jibin

Appearing with a thin mustache makes him look more charming and mature!

Park Jibin

His change is very drastic, right? From a cute and adorable boy to a charming adult man, like now.


Park Jibin

Teenage actor Park Ji-bin became a hot topic among netizens after a photo of his abs that had been kept secret was revealed by the media. In 2013, a drama that aired on SBS, the Incarnation of Money, posted a picture of a shirtless Park Ji-bin through their official website.

In the photo, which was taken from a scene in the drama, his character was standing and staring at his reflection on the camera, and naturally became an adult man played by Kang Ji-hwan. Park Ji-bin’s figure appeared without any clothes on his upper body, clearly showing his six-pack abs, so that the appearance of Park Ji-bin, who was very young, was in contrast to his innocent face and well-defined muscles.

Netizens who saw the photo looked so surprised at the body shape of the actor who was still 17 years old, commenting, “It’s a step above a 6-pack”, “He’s growing up so fast”, “He’s really trim and fit”, “I got shocked when I saw those photos!”, “Park Ji-bin has a great body” and “He’s in top shape!”

Netizens Comments

Article: Park Ji Bin’s six pack ‘explosive growth spurt, a true man now’
Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+997, -51] It was our mistake telling him to grow up as is

2. [+836, -33] This nuna is sorry for telling you to grow up as is….

3. [+791, -32] It’s like they photoshopped his face onto the body…

4. [+186, -7] Guys, shut up.. I’m scared he’s going to resort to plastic surgery. Imagine how much of a complex this is to him.

5. [+128, -4] I felt this while watching May Queen, that although he grew up without his face maturing, he doesn’t seem like a child at all because he’s so great at acting

6. [+114, -18] Makes me realize how handsomely Yoo Seung Ho grew up…

7. [+77, -34] He really.. grew up as is…. He should’ve grown up like Seung Ho…. But he really just maintained his face as a child… as is…

8. [+54, -6] It’s like I have to look at his face and body separately…….

Plastic Surgery

Park Ji-bin is one of the South Korean actors who is handsome without any plastic surgery procedures. This can be seen from the extreme shape changes on his face when viewed from photographs of his transformation so far. Unless the changes become more mature than what was originally a cute and adorable little boy.

Latest News

Park Ji-bin enjoys his time in a cafe.


He got some gifts from Joseph & Stacey


The day has passed. It’s short but fun. 😄


Taking a selfie with his friend, Bora.


That was all for the information about the transformation of the young South Korean actor who starred in ‘Boys Before Flowers’ as Geum Jan-di’s little brother, Park Ji-bin, from being a little, cute, and adorable boy to growing into a charming adult man. Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comments below!