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Park Gyu-young

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In the past few years, there are so many actors and actresses who are rising stars, and one of them is Park Gyu-young. At first, she became an actress in 2015 and was contracted by JYP Entertainment. Then, she starred in various movies, dramas, and web series. She became known after starring in It’s Okay Not To Be Okay and Sweet Home.

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Park Gyu-young Profile

Park Gyu-young

Name: Park Gyu-young (박규영)

Birthday: July 27, 1993

Birthplace: Busan, South Korea

Height: 170 cm (5’7″)

Weight: 55 kg

Occupation: Actress

Years Active: 2016 – present

Agency: SARAM Entertainment

Blood Type: O

Zodiac: Leo

Chinese Zodiac: Rooster

Nationality: Korean

Instagram: @lavieenbluu

Park Gyu-young Facts

  • She studied at Yonsei University while majoring in clothing and textiles.
  • Her high school was Busan Foreign Language High School.
  • Park Gyu-young is good at speaking English and can do ballet.
  • She wants to be a person with positive energy who can make everyone comfortable.
  • In 2015, JYP Entertainment contracted her after seeing her in a magazine, but in 2019, she left the agency.
  • She appeared in Jo Kwon’s “Crosswalk” MV and made a debut in acting through the Touching You web series.
  • She loves tuna kimbap and cheeseburgers.

Park Gyu-young in the Netflix Series Sweet Home

Park Gyu-young has starred in many web series since 2016, but suddenly, her name was blown up in a series on Netflix, Sweet Home. This series was released on December 18, 2020, with 10 episodes and gained over 1.2 billion views.

Park Gyu-young looks stunning through her role in Sweet Home. She acts as a bass player named Yoon Ji-soo who moves into 1510, one floor above Cha Hyun-soo.

Her character is like a kind-hearted indie band bassist. She is always facing a difficult situation, but she is a fighter and brave. Not only her acting but her visuals also got attention from the public.

Because of this web series, Park Gyu-young’s was a Baeksang Arts Awards nominee in the category Best New Actress. To get to know about her acting skills, you can watch her scene from Sweet Home in the video below!

Park Gyu-young in The Devil Judge

After starring in Sweet Home, finally, Park Gyu-young got a chance to act as Yoon Soo-hyun, the 2nd female lead in The Devil Judge. This drama tells about people’s hatred towards their leaders in chaos. Then, all the judges change the atmosphere through a live courtroom to bring peace and fight for justice.

She acts as Ga On’s friend named Yoon Soo-hyun who is a lieutenant in the Regional Unit who tries to uncover Kang Yo-han’s secret. She is a brave lady and believes that justice must be obtained by constitutional and legal means. Her chemistry with Park Jin-young, an ex-GOT7 member, looks perfect, and it makes the audience want to watch the drama.

So, here is a compilation video of Park Gyu-young’s scenes!

Park Gyu-young First Drama as the Main Lead- Dali and Cocky Prince

After a long journey, finally, on September 22, 2021, Park Gyu-young got her first main lead in the KBS drama titled Dali and Cocky Prince. She got the role of a visiting researcher at the Saint Müller Museum named Kim Dali who then becomes the director of Cheong-song Art Museum.

By being the main lead character, Park Gyu-young felt so delighted with this responsibility. Even though she was under pressure, she felt happy and laughed happily while filming with the cast and production team.

Here’s the trailer of Dali and Cocky Prince!

Park Gyu-young Talks About Kim Min-jae

In Dali and Cocky Prince, Park Gyu-young met Kim Min-jae who acts as her partner named Jin Moo-hak. He is a director of Dondon F&B and succeeds in growing his restaurant into a global foodservice company with over 400 franchise stores.

Park Gyu-young and Kim Min-jae are paired for the first time in this drama project, and it is obvious they gave their best. Through an interview in the media, Park Gyu-young talks about working with Kim Min-jae. According to her, they had many personal interactions, discussed the scenes together, and helped each other to make it easier to act like Da Li and Moo-hak.

She also said that Kim Min-jae is a dependable and strong person. He gave her so much energy on the set. She also thanks him for making it easier to complete the drama until the end.

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