Facts and Full Information About Divorce Reason Between P Goon and Yumin’s Marriage!


Marriage Between P Goon and Yumin


On August 25th, 2018, P Goon and Yumin got married. According to www.soompi.com, they held their wedding ceremony as they already told the public when they got engaged in July in the same year.


Following the wedding, P-Goon shared a photo on Instagram with the caption, “I express my gratitude to everyone who has congratulated us on our wedding. We will happily live well. Thank you.” P-Goon and Yumin also had a honeymoon in Da Nang, Vietnam.



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P Goon and Yumin’s Divorce


According to www.soompi.com and allkpop.com, in early 2019 Yumin revealed that she is separating with P-Goon and she’s taking care of their child on her own.

“On December 7, I finally held my child in my arms. In the past days of our marriage, the conflicts between us got deeper, and last week, we agreed to divorce. However, we changed our minds after a few days passed by, and we decided to give each other time to think. After thinking about it, we’ve spoken about parting ways. We promised not to update news on our baby until we were ready, and because it might cause harm to the child, we were in the stage of being careful. However, my husband one-sidedly revealed the baby, and I found out about it through an acquaintance. P-Goon and I are currently separated, and I’m currently raising the child. I have a lot to say, so I plan to reveal what’s happened one thing at a time,” said Yumin in her personal Instagram account post.

A source from P-Goon’s agency Hunus Entertainment has told the news outlet OSEN, “Whether or not P-Goon and Yumin have divorced or separated is a matter related to the artists’ private lives, and so we do not know anything about that.”

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