Complete Information About Korean Male Group ONEUS (Profile, Facts, Debut, and Instagram)

Oneus Valkyrie

Get Closer With ONEUS, Rookie Group from RBW Entertainment

Are you familiar with the girl group MAMAMOO? This time, RBW Entertainment decided to make a new group with entirely different characteristics from MAMAMOO, a boy group called ONEUS! According to the CEO of RBW Entertainment, ONEUS is a ‘classic idol group’ and has the characteristics of classic idol groups that are expected from the public. Even though they have different characteristics, each of its members is also talented just like their seniors. Are you curious about this freshly debuted boy group? Let’s take a look at ONEUS’ profile!

ONEUS Pre-debut

Before ONEUS made their debut, a few of its members had appeared in television programs, especially survival programs. Some of them had made their appearance in Mnet’s Produce 101, JTBC’s MIXNINE, and a project made by RBW Entertainment known as RBW Boys. Let’s take a look which members have participated in these programs!

Produce 101

Produce 101 Seoho

In the second season of Produce 101, there were three members of ONEUS who participated: Seo-ho, Geon-hee, and Hwan-woong. Unfortunately, the three of them couldn’t make it to the final stage of the program. Seo-ho was eliminated quite early as his final rank was 94th. Here is a video of RBW Entertainment trainees’ first performance on Produce 101:

Produce 101 Hwanwooong

Hwan-woong managed to last longer as he placed 42nd and had a chance to perform twice. He sang Shinee’s “Noona Is So Pretty” and performed Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round” for a dance position. Here is a video of his performance in Produce 101:

Produce 101 Lee Geonhee

Meanwhile, Geon-hee’s final rank was 33rd and he had three performances on Produce 101. He sang Shinee’s “Noona is So Pretty,” performed BoA’s “Amazing Kiss” for a vocal position, and performed “Oh Little Girl” for concept evaluation. You can see the videos of his performances in Produce 101 below:


Mixnine Ravn
Mixnine Lee Gunmin

There are two members of ONEUS who have participated in MIXNINE, Ravn and Seo-ho. After getting eliminated quite early in Produce 101, Seo-ho participated in MIXNINE and managed to place in a higher rank than the previous program. At that time, Seo-ho ranked 17th, while Ravn ranked 27th. You can find Seo-ho in a performance where the contestants sang TVXQ’s ‘Love In the Ice,” while Ravn in Gain’s “Paradise Lost”. You can see their performances on MIXNINE below:

RBW Boys


RBW Boys is a project made by RBW Entertainment in order to launch a new group. They had to go through a project titled RBW Trainee Real Life: We Will Debut. The project began with a monthly evaluation and later revealed each step of the debut process of a boy group including practice, training, and daily lives through Naver’s V Live and RBW Entertainment’s official Youtube account. Here are a few videos of RBW Boys: