Find Out About Oh Hyun-kyung, Claudia Kim, and Sunmi Similarities In Visual Appearance


Claudia Kim
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Similarities In Visual Appearances

In Korea, there are so many people with a similar kind of face, or maybe some particular facial feature, like the eyes, the nose, or lips. Koreans are famously known for plastic surgery to make their appearance more attractive. But, not all people do plastic surgery. Many idols were born pretty, cute, and gorgeous.

Oh Hyun-kyung, Claudia Kim, and Sunmi have that pretty visual. If you look closely, they are so similar in their faces. In this article, Byeol Korea will provide you with a rundown of information about these visual appearances. Keep reading!

Beautiful and Flawless Visual

Oh Hyun-kyung

Oh Hyun-kyung

Oh Hyun-kyung (real name: Oh Sang-ji) is a South Korean actress. She won the 1989 Miss Korea beauty pageant and became a representative of her country (Korea) at the Miss Universe 1990 pageant.

She studied Theater and Film at Danook University and also took a Master’s degree with the same major at Chung-Ang University. She became widely known after she entered the beauty pageants and received many television offers and began her acting career. Oh Hyun-kyung’s first role was in the 1988 television series titled The Tree of Love which was aired on KBS2.

Oh Hyun-kyung has a pretty visual. She has a height of 170 cm. She was the winner of “Miss Korea” in 1989, the same year with Go Hyun Jung. Not only she is beautiful, but she is also smart and multi-talented. She was briefly an adjunct professor at Kongju Communication Arts College.

Claudia Kim

Claudia Kim
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Kim Soo-hyun, famously known as Claudia Kim Shampine, is a South Korean actress and model. She’s an alma mater of Ewha Woman’s University majoring in International Studies. She got married to Korean-American Matthew Shampine in 2019.

Claudia Kim is really gorgeous. She made her debut as an entertainer in a Korea-China modeling contest in 2005. She won the top award of the contest and she was also the first winner who had never worked as a model before. Afterward, she started getting involved in the entertainment industry, she performed in a German modeling show and even studied acting.

Claudia Kim dreamed to be an International lawyer when in middle school. When in high school, she hoped to become a TV anchor. She completed her studies abroad to continue her dream of becoming an anchor and entered Ewha Woman’s University’s Graduate School program of International Studies (GSIS). She is a multi-talented woman. While enrolled, she worked as a reporter and announcer for three years in the school’s English-language newspaper, Ewha Voice.



Sun-mi was born on May 2nd, 1992. Sunmi is a South Korean singer and songwriter. She debuted in 2007 as a member of a girl group under JYP Entertainment, Wonder Girls, along with Yeeun, Sunye, Sunmi, Hyuna, and Sohee. She left the group in January 2010 to pursue an academic career.

Sunmi’s visual is no joke. She is really beautiful. During her appearance in a variety show, Sunmi did her make-up routine. She prefers wearing warm-toned concealer because it can cover her blemishes and the bags under her eyes well. She also prefers using a stick blusher as it is easy to control the amount when applying it.

Sunmi also studied at Dongguk University, majoring in musical theater. While in university, she merged her original given name (Sunmi) with her stepfather’s surname (Lee), becoming Lee Sun-mi.

Red Carpet

Oh Hyun-kyung

Let’s take a look at Oh Hyun-kyung’s red carpet photos:

Oh Hyun-kyung
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Oh Hyun-kyung’s red carpet appearances are really nice. Her casual outfit really suits her well. She looks pretty with her little smile and her model pose.

Oh Hyun-kyung has mostly worn white outfits at the red carpet. She looks beautiful in a white outfit. If we take a closer look at her appearance in the photo below, we can see that she looks even more glamorous with the white blazer and the slightly curled hair. Her purse additionally strengthens the impression of luxury and her make-up looks really natural and fresh.

Claudia Kim

Let’s take a look at Claudia Kim’s red carpet photos:

Claudia Kim

Claudia Kim really looks stunning on the red carpet! On the premiere of her movies, she looks gorgeous with her long black dress. The fang earrings look nice. Her make-up is pretty as well and suits the big event perfectly. Claudia’s red carpet on WIF is great too! Her jumpsuit really stands out. Also, her natural make-up makes her look even more radiant.


Let’s take a look at Sunmi’s red carpet photos:


The looks above and below are Sunmi’s looks on the way to a music show rehearsal. Usually, the idols are bare-faced on arrival. In the photo above, we can see Sunmi wearing a casual dress that hasn’t even been ironed yet but looks great combined with the white cardigan. And in the photo below, Sunmi wears a simple dress and a blazer on top but still looks very stylish and cool.

Appearing at an official event, Sunmi looks even lovelier in a nicely styled apparel. She is dressed properly and her make-up is really dainty. Sunmi often wears a bright red lipstick for official events. She always looks gorgeous wearing dresses.


Oh Hyun-kyung – Wang Family

Since her life fell to a stop in 1998 after a 28-minute video clip specifically revealing her intimacy with her then-boyfriend was posted to file-sharing websites, and after her 10-year self-imposed exile from the public limelight “a living nightmare,” Oh Kyun-hyung made a comeback in 2007 and played a role in a melodrama. She played a role in a series titled First Wives’ Club. Her comeback became successful and it led her to offers for roles in various dramas. She starred in many subsequent dramas, such as High Kick Through the RoofGloriaMiss AjummaThe Great Seer, She Is Wow!Wang’s Family4 Legendary Witches, The Bird That Sheds No Tears, etc.

Here’s the list of Oh Kyun-hyung’s awards:

Year Award Category Nominated Work Result
1989 Miss Korea N/A N/A Won
1990 KBS Drama Awards Best New Actress Ambitious Times Won
2008 Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards Best Actress, TV category First Wives’ Club Won
SBS Drama Awards Top 10 Stars Won
Best Coup with Lee Sang-woo Nominated
Excellence Award, Actress in a Serial Drama Won
Grand Prize (Daesang) Nominated
2011 SBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress in a Weekend/Daily Drama Miss Ajumma Nominated
2012 SBS Drama Awards Special Acting Award, Actress in a Drama Special The Great Seer Nominated
2013 KBS Drama Awards Best Supporting Actress Wang’s Family Nominated
2014 MBC Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress in a Special Project Drama 4 Legendary Witches Nominated
SBS Drama Awards Special Award, Actress in a Drama Short A Mother’s Choice Won
2015 MBC Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress in a Special Project Drama 4 Legendary Witches Won
2018 MBC Drama Awards Best Supporting Actress in a Weekend Special Project A Pledge to God Nominated


Claudia Kim – Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald

Claudia Kim has gained international attention with her roles in some international TV series and movies, such as Marco Polo (2014) and Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). Claudia Kim also took part in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald playing the role of Nagini. Claudia Kim has been pursuing an acting career since 2006. Her first TV series appearance was in Queen of the Game on SBS.

Here’s the list of her achievements:

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2005 Korea-China Supermodel Contest N/A N/A 1st Place
2006 14th SBS Drama Awards New Star Award Queen of the Game Won
2012 12th MBC Entertainment Awards Excellence Award, Actress in a Comedy/Sitcom Standby Won

Sunmi – Gashina

In August 2013, Sunmi was announced to be returning to her music career, debuting as a solo artist. On August 22nd, 2013, she made her official debut stage with her debut single, “24 Hours.” She’s been working on songwriting and composing most of her songs. In August 2017, Sunmi released her single titled “Gashina,” produced by Teddy Park of The Black Label and received quite a lot of attention and love. She continued to release other songs subsequently, such as “Heroine,” “Siren,” “Noir,” and “Lalalay.” She also started her first world tour titled “Warning” in February 2019. With a total of 18 cities around South Korea, America, Europe, and Asia, Sunmi successfully held her first world tour.

Here’s the list of her awards:

  • 2014 16th Mnet Asian Music Awards in the category Best Dance Performance – Solo with the song “Full Moon.”
  • 2017 19th Mnet Asian Music Awards in the category Style in Music.
  • 2018 7th Gaon Chart Music Awards in the category Song of the Year – August with the song “Gashina.”
  • 2018 2nd Elle Style Awards in the category Best Music Icon.
  • 2018 3rd Asia Artist Awards in two categories, Artist of the Year, Singer and Best Music Award.
  • 2020 20th Mnet Asian Music Awards in the category Best Female Artist.
  • 2020 9th Gaon Chart Music Awards in the category Song of the Year – August with the song “Lalalay.”