Big Marvel Pre-debut Boy Group, Off The Cuff Profiles, Members, Singles, And More

Off The Cuff

Let’s Get to Know More About Off The Cuff Here!

Do you know that famous YouTuber Big Marvel used to participate as a pre-debut lineup of boy group Off The Cuff? Even though the whole lineup has changed, but Off The Cuff was finally made their debut on April 2020 with their first single Going Out! The five-member boy group from Purple Entertainment gained a lot of attention as well. Through this article, Byeol Korea will explain to you the details about them, so stay tuned!

Full Profiles

Off The Cuff

Let’s get to know more about Off The Cuff through their member’s profile here!


Peter (피터) was born in Incheon, South Korea on August 26, 1993, with the real name Cho Kyu-min (조규민). He has 173 cm of height and 58 kg of weight. Then his blood type was B. In Off The Cuff, and Peter was the rapper and the first member to be revealed.

Instagram: @_lxoye_

Interesting Facts:

  • Peter was a contestant of Produce 101 Season 2 and got ranked in #88
  • He also appeared in variety show Doppelganger Show Celebrity Look-alike as G-Dragon look-alike in 2017
  • He was started to dancing while still 18 years old
  • Peter can speak English
  • His ideal type was a girl who believed in God


Insoo (인수) was born in Ulsan, South Korea on January 16, 1996, with the real name Lee In-soo (이인수). He has 175 cm of height and 58 kg of weight. Then his blood type was B. In Off The Cuff, Insoo was the rapper and the second member to be revealed.

Instagram: @in_soo_tagram_

Interesting Facts:

  • Insoo was a contestant of Produce 101 Season 2 and got ranked in #57
  • In 2015, Insoo was debut as the A6P group with the stage name ‘Jaguar.’
  • Insoo also appeared in the survival show Boys24
  • He was born as half Korean and half British, which made his English skill also really good
  • His favorite color was black; meanwhile, he loves red for his hair color


Leo (레오) was born on November 8, 1996, with the real name Kang Leo (강레오). He has 170 cm of height and 60 kg of weight. Then his blood type was O. In Off The Cuff, Leo was the main dancer and the fifth member to be revealed.

Instagram: @leo_mlwgg

Interesting Facts:

  • Leo has a sister
  • In 2018, Leo was the member of the independent boy group name ‘Kingdom’ with BECZ’s H and Yoo One
  • He was in charge of translations in Off The Cuff
  • Leo can speak English and French as well
  • His ideal type was a girl who shorter than him



Rowoon (로운) was born on July 31, 1994, with the real name Jeong Ro-woon (정로운). He has 174 cm of height and 55 kg of weight. Then his blood type was O. In Off The Cuff, Rowoon was the vocalist and the fourth member to be revealed.

Instagram: @rowoon0731

Interesting Facts:

  • Rowoon loves to watch drama and movie on Netflix during his free time
  • He also wanted to change his body just like Peter, because he thought that Peter’s body was ‘normal.’

Yoo One

Yoo One (유원) was born on September 11, 1994, with the real name Kim Jeong-hyun (김정현). He has 174 cm of height and 55 kg of weight. Then his blood type was O. In Off The Cuff, Yoo One was the leader, main vocalist, and the third member to be revealed.

Instagram: @_yooone0911_

Interesting Facts:

  • In 2018, Yoo One was involved as independent boy group member ‘Kingdom’ along with Leo and BECZ’s H
  • Then in 2019, he was debut as a solo singer ‘Yoo One’ by releasing a single, Be Mine
  • He has been released a music video titled Maximum, as well as Going Out along with Leo
  • His favorite color was black
  • Yoo One also wanted to be an idol because his dream was to be on the stage to sing and dance for other people


Former Pre-debut Members

There was also pre-debut members in Off The Cuff, and here is the information:

Big Marvel

Big Marvel was born on February 19, 1994, with the real name Hwang Myung-hun (황명훈). He has 172 cm of height. In the pre-debut lineup, Big Marvel used to be the leader and main rapper. Big Marvel was the first creator of the project group Off The Cuff before the lineup was changed. He was becoming popular on YouTube after uploaded several videos of him kickboxing.

Instagram: @lilmarvel0

YouTube: Big Marvel


Swey was born on with the real name Choi Kyu-tae (최규태). He has 180 cm of height and 65 kg of weight. In the pre-debut lineup, Swey used to be the dancer. Previously, Swey participated in 2018’s supermodel survival show.

Instagram: @_s.w.e.y_

YouTube: S.W.E.Y


Seryun was born on November 9, 1998, with the real name Yoon Ser-yun (연세련). In the pre-debut lineup, Seryun used to be the visual of the group. Previously, Seryun was famously known as the Instagram model.

Instagram: @dengdeng_e

YouTube: 딩동댕댕 dengdeng


Renya was born on August 11, 1999. He has 183 cm of height. His nationality was Japanese and he used to be a well-known model in Japan. Renya also appeared in several Big Marvel’s videos as well.

Instagram: @renya0811


Gunho was born with the real name Kim Gun-ho (김건호). In the pre-debut lineup, Gunho used to be the maknae of the group. Previously, Junho was known as a model.

Instagram: @i.hate.cucumber

YouTube: 거노건호 geonoGH

Music Video & Concept

Off The Cuff’s first single Going Out was came out along with the music video on April 2, 2020! Through the music video, it showed a cheerful and colorful concept, which made the members also looking youthful. It also looked like a scene from a movie, according to the square ‘frame’ background and English text of the lyrics!

The members were looking cheerful yet stylish with a bunch of several outfits, such as an all-denim outfit, pastel colors outfit, and many more. Going Out music video also shows the vibes of summer vacation, which is also matched with the upbeat rhythm from the song! They made several views as their place for the scene, such as a park, skyscraper, studio, and many more!

Watch the MV of Going Out from Off The Cuff here:


OFF THE CUFF Content On Youtube Channel

Through Off The Cuff official YouTube, they have been uploaded a bunch of nice videos which was interesting! Not only about music and dance content-related, but there was also other content. And here are some of them:

Dance Content

In this video, Insoo and Leo are show-off their dancing skills while doing a dance cover of BTS’ song. Not only that, but it also shows the comparison between BTS’ easiest and hardest choreography as well!

Random Game Content

Off The Cuff also shared their fun time along with YouTuber Kim Miso, while they were catching up together and playing some random game such as play dance! Kim Miso will copy some K-Pop group dance, then Off The Cuff members have to guess whose boy group/girl group of that dance!

Vlog Content

Through one of their vlog, Off The Cuff went to Everland together on Christmas Eve! It was one of the famous amusement parks in South Korea, and they all spent such a nice time together while trying a bunch of game riding there!

Latest News

Currently, Off The Cuff still continued its activity in the entertainment industry as well as promoting its single. Through Off The Cuff Instagram account, we could see their latest update as well. Let’s keep up with the latest updates from Off The Cuff!

Rowoon, Insoo, and Leo.

Peter Instagram Update:

Insoo Instagram Update:

Leo Instagram Update:


Yoo One Instagram Update:

That was all of the information about the boy group Off The Cuff! They have been joined the K-Pop industry with their own talent and music which was made the fans were really proud of them. Let’s always supporting them and wait for their upcoming project as well!

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