NTX Hyeongjin Full Profile, Fun Facts, Debut Era

NTX Hyeongjin
NTX Hyeongjin

Everything You Need to Know About NTX Leader Baek Hyeong-jin!

One of the pre-debut boy groups from South Korea, NTX (Hangul: 엔티엑스), has also managed to catch attention because they have a lot of members, namely 10 members in the original line-up, they are Hyeongjin, Yunhyeok, Jaemin, Changhun, Hojun, Eunho, Jiseong, Seongwon, Gihyun, and Rawhyun. In this article, we are going to provide you with a detailed run-down of one of the members of NTX, Hyeongjin: starting from his full profile, to fun facts, and debut era.

NTX Hyeongjin Profile

NTX Hyeongjin

Real Name: Baek Hyeong-jin (Hangul: 백형진)

Stage Name: Hyeong-jin (Hangul: 형진)

Place and Date of Birth: Busan, South Korea, February 25th, 2001

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 176 cm

Family Members: Parents

Position in the group: Leader, Main Vocalist

Nationality: Korean

NTX Hyeongjin Fun Facts

  1. NTX’s Hyeongjin’s last name “Baek” stands for “white” in Korean
  2. NTX’s Hyeongjin heard he looks handsome from the front and from the side, as well
  3. NTX’s Hyeongjin’s way of talking is said to be unique and odd
  4. NTX’s Hyeongjin’s hobby is lying down and eating tangerines
  5. NTX’s Hyeongjin’s MBTI is INFJ
  6. NTX’s Hyeongjin is in charge of visuals
  7. NTX’s Hyeongjin said his strength is he can eat well without being a picky eater
  8. NTX’s Hyeongjin would take a walk in a beautiful place to spend his day during break
  9. NTX’s Hyeongjin would try triathlon as a sport
  10. NTX’s Hyeongjin’s favorite color is white
  11. NTX’s Hyeongjin’s favorite food recently are brownies
  12. NTX’s Hyeongjin wants to eat mousse cake the most if he’s on a diet
  13. NTX’s Hyeongjin chose 10cm as his favorite celebrity
  14. NTX’s Hyeongjin would take Bear Grylls, Byungman Kim, Julien Kang if he ended up on a deserted island
  15. NTX’s Hyeongjin said that mealtime is the happiest time of the day
  16. NTX’s Hyeongjin chose chameleon to represent himself as an animal because it can adapt to many situations
  17. NTX’s Hyeongjin would say: “What is this…?” when he looks at himself in the mirror
  18. NTX’s Hyeongjin’s biggest concern these days is when is mealtime
  19. NTX’s Hyeongjin would say thank you to NTX’s Seungwon, because the world seemed better after seeing him
  20. NTX’s Hyeongjin wished that soon he will hear “Oh! It’s NTX!” from the public
  21. NTX’s Hyeongjin’s favorite season is autumn
  22. NTX’s Hyeongjin always plays with the NTX’s maknae, Seungwon, to relieve stress
  23. NTX’s Hyeongjin’s specialty is tap dancings
  24. NTX’s Hyeongjin enjoys indoor cycling these days
  25. NTX’s Hyeongjin would say: “I can work harder than that,” to himself as a piece of advice, 5 years ago
  26. NTX’s Hyeongjin said that he will be Baek Hyeong-jin from NTX 10 years from now
  27. NTX’s Hyeongjin would like to collaborate with NCT in the future
  28. NTX’s Hyeongjin said that he would like to appear in New Journey to the West if he had a chance to appear in a variety show
  29. NTX’s Hyeongjin would try to be a Michelin Guide if he can choose any field other than music
  30. NTX’s Hyeongjin’s wish is that the group can win an Mnet Asian Music Award after debuting

NTX Hyeongjin Debut Era

NTX debuted under the agency Victory Company. Towards the day of their debut, NTX released a pre-debut album titled The Opening: Public with a single titled “Blackhole” which was released on August 28th, 2020.

They have also started appearing on several music shows. Are you curious about the performance of NTX with the 10 members? Let’s find out more about NTX’s pre-debut music video, “Blackhole” in this section below!

The 10-member boy group NTX officially debuted on March 30th, 2021, and is actively promoting. The title song “Kiss The World” depicts the journey to find fans in the warmth of a lost person and the longing that can neither hug nor hold each other on the earth in the intact era due to the long COVID-19 of the pop dance genre.

Through an interview, NTX’s Hyeongjin shared his feelings about their official debut on March 30th, 2021, saying, “As it is a long-awaited debut, there are parts that do not feel real, but now that I have actually debuted, I will practice harder and work harder than when I was a trainee, and try harder to have a humble attitude.”

The leader of NTX himself introduced their first official debut mini-album FULL OF LOVESCAPES, “It is an album containing the story of love and the warmth of a lost person, longing for fans who cannot hug or hold each other, in the intact era due to the long COVID-19.”

The title song “Kiss The World” also has a point of appreciation or point choreography, NTX’s Hyeongjin said, “There is a point choreography for kiss kiss kiss in the middle! There are parts that show off their charms with different expressions and gestures for each member, so it will be fun to watch all 10 members in turn!”

When the interviewer asked what image they would like to show through their debut activity, he said, “I want to show a lot of NTX’s distinct musical colors and charms… and I want to show them working hard so that you can feel that they are really working hard.”

As the leader, NTX’s Hyeongjin shared one last word about their debut, “NTX will officially debut on March 30th, 2021! NTX will work harder to show you a good side and stage in all aspects of music, performance if it is music, and entertainment if it is entertainment.”

What do you think about NTX’s Hyeongjin’s debut era?

Well, that was all the information about NTX’s Hyeongjin and everything you should know about him. Let’s keep sending him a lot of love and support, so his career can shine even brighter in the future. If you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned for more interesting upcoming articles from Byeol Korea!