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NMIXX Haewon Profile, Height, Facts, and Pre-Debut

NMIXX Haewon
NMIXX Haewon

Get to Know NMIXX Haewon!

After debuting ITZY in 2019, JYP Entertainment introduced their new girl group named NMIXX. This group debuted by releasing their debut single album entitled Ad Mare with the title track “O.O” on February 22, 2022, under the JYP Entertainment subsidiary SQU4D. NMIXX consists of 7 pretty members with their own specialties, for example, Haewon.

Regarding this member, Byeol Korea has information about NMIXX’s Haewon ranging from her profile to her position in the group. So, stay tuned!

NMIXX Haewon Profile

NMIXX Haewon

Name: Oh Hae Won (오해원)

Stage name: Haewon (해원)

Birthday: February 25, 2003

Birthplace: Namdong-gu, Incheon, South Korea

Height: 167 cm (5’6″)

Weight: –

Zodiac: Pisces

Chinese zodiac: Goat

Occupation: Singer

Years active: 2022 – present

Group: NMIXX

Agency: JYP Entertainment // SQU4D

Nationality: Korean

Blood type: –

NMIX Haewon Interesting Facts!

  • Haewon attended Incheon Nonhyeon High School.
  • She can speak English well.
  • Her trainee period was for 4 years.
  • Haewon is known for her good vocals, and she can rap as well.
  • Haewon loves Iced Americano so much that even on her birthday she said during a V Live she already drank four glasses of Americano.
  • Since 2018, Haewon already had her own fanbase.
  • In 2018, she appeared as a JYP trainee in the JYP Trainee mini-showcase.
  • Haewon also can speak Spanish.
  • Her aura is like TWICE’s Mina, namely elegant, girly, and mature.
  • During the JYP Trainee mini-showcase in 2019, Haewon and NiZiU’s Rima sang a song by Billie Eilish titled “Bury a Friend.”
  • NMIXX’s Lili and herself also sang the song “Speechless” by Naomi Scott at the JYP Trainee mini-showcase.

Haewon MBTI Type

As a new idol, so many fans are curious about Haewon’s MBTI personality. Based on her statement during the special live streaming of NMIXX, Haewon introduced herself as well as revealed her MBTI type, namely ESTP.

Haewon is extroverted and known as outgoing, energetic, and easy to get along with. Although she can be called a social butterfly, Haewon is very firm and likes anything that challenges her.

NMIXX Haewon Career

As we know, Haewon was quite famous during her pre-debut days which were when she was still a trainee under JYP Entertainment. Moreover, currently, Haewon has already debuted with the group NMIXX. So, here is information about Haewon’s career path from her pre-debut to her debut day!

NMIXX Haewon Pre-Debut

Before debuting with NMIXX, Haewon was a trainee under JYP Entertainment since 2018. When she was 15, Haewon spent her teenage time being an idol trainee. She built her skills such as in vocals, dance, and even rap just to be an idol and debut as a talented celebrity.

During her trainee days, Haewon was very young with an innocent face. Since her pre-debut, Haewon already had a pretty face and good visuals. You can see her pre-debut photo here!

NMIXX Haewon

While wearing her school uniform, she looks more cute, pure, and sweet. Even her visual is like an actress in a drama series!

NMIXX Haewon

Since her pre-debut, Haewon and Lily knew each other. They spent their time together and shared everything like best friends. Here are their photos!

NMIXX Haewon and Lilly

Haewon Debut With NMIXX

After approximately 4 years, finally, Haewon debuted as a member of the NMIXX girl group. Haewon debuted with NMIXX on February 22, 2022, and she was the 6th member to be revealed precisely on November 4, 2021, through a cover song by Stephanie Poetri, “I Love You 3000.” Here’s the video:

In the group, Haewon takes responsibility as the team leader as well as a vocalist. Haewon was the first member that the individual photo concept was posted of, namely on February 8, 11, and 15, 2022. Meanwhile, for the debut trailer photo, her photo was shared through NMIXX’s social media like Twitter @NMIXX_official on January 27, 2022.

NMIXX Haewon Focus Fancams

As we know, “fancam” is a popular term in the K-pop industry. This term means “fan camera” and contains videos of K-pop idols that are recorded by fans or even TV shows’ cameras. The purpose of a fancam is to focus on their favorite idol or group’s performance so they can see it many times.

It also happened to the leader of NMIXX, Haewon. So many fans want to see her performance on a music show that they can’t attend because of the pandemic. Therefore, we have already provided some of NMIXX’s Haewon’s focus videos. Here they are!


So, that’s all the information about NMIXX’s Haewon that you have to remember. After reading this article, don’t forget to put your thoughts about Haewon and cheer her up in the comment section. Also, follow our social media on Twitter @CKoreaOfficial and always read our articles on this website.