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The Gorgeous Visual of NiziU Ayaka Profile, Fun Facts, Pre-debut and More!

NiziU Ayaka
NiziU Ayaka

The Visual and Vocalist of NiziU—Ayaka

Did you know that JYP Entertainment has a Japanese girl group? Despite being known as the home of K-Pop groups like TWICE and Stray Kids, the agency also houses a Japanese girl group named NiziU.

The group comprises nine members, among which is Ayaka. She is very attractive and successfully made people fall in love with her charms. To get to know Ayaka better, in this article, Byeol Korea will provide you with a detailed explanation of everything about her, so keep on reading!

Full Profile of NiziU Ayaka

NiziU Ayaka

Birth Name: Arai Ayaka (新井彩香/あらい あやか)

Stage Name: Ayaka (あやか/アヤカ/아야카)

Place and Date of Birth: Tokyo, Japan, June 20th, 2003

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Blood Type: A

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Nationality: Japanese

Position in NiziU: Visual, Vocalist

Occupation: Singer

Years Active: 2020–present

Label: JYP Entertainment

Associated With: Nizi Project, NiziU

Fun Facts About Ayaka That You Shouldn’t Miss Out On!

  • Ayaka attended Akatsuka First Junior High School and Kokugain High School
  • Ayaka dropped out of high school so she could join the Nizi Project
  • She was 17 years old when she debuted as a NiziU member in 2020
  • She is the tallest member of NiziU
  • Ayaka has a shy and quiet personality like an introvert
  • She loves to chat while eating
  • Ayaka’s hobbies include eating delicious foods
  • Ayaka can swim well
  • She also knows how to play tennis since she played for 3 years and won a small tournament
  • Ayaka wishes that she could wear a Yukata with the other members
  • Ayaka has such a unique way of laughing and walking
  • She can’t live without her hand cream during winter
  • Many fans think that her visual appearance resembles Bae Suzy

Find Out More About NiziU Ayaka Ideal Type Here

NiziU’s Ayaka has such a captivating charm that easily makes everyone fall in love with her. Despite her shy and quiet personality, she knows how to attract people with her lovely smile! No wonder many of her fans are curious what her ideal type is. Currently, the idol hasn’t revealed anything yet, but let’s just wait and see in the future!

Ayaka Pre-debut Era Appearance in Nizi Project and More

Ayaka started her career as one of the contestants of Nizi Project, a survival show by JYP Entertainment and Sony Music for the purpose of debuting girl group NiziU. During her participation, she initially got criticized in her early stages in the show. However, she managed to prove her skills and got praised afterward, she even gained trust after she demonstrated her skills and growth potential.

Aside from that, Ayaka was voted as the member who changed the most since she could develop and improve her skills significantly during the show. Ayaka finished in 8th place which made her successfully get selected as a member of the final line-up of NiziU, a girl group created from the Nizi Project show.

Ayaka Debut with NiziU

Shortly after the Nizi Project has ended, Ayaka and her fellow members officially debuted as members of girl group NiziU on December 2nd, 2020, by releasing the single Step And A Step with the same title track. In the group, Ayaka’s position is the visual and the vocalist.

The group’s name NiziU has such a beautiful meaning. ‘Nizi’ is derived from the Japanese word ‘Niji’ which means ‘Rainbow’. The ‘U’ also signifies that the fans would support the group as one that has different colors like a rainbow.

Before the group’s official debut, they also released a digital mini-album Make You Happy on June 30th, 2020. The album brought NiziU the Best Dance Video Award on MTV VMAJ 2020.

NiziU also released the group’s second single “Take a Picture/Poppin’ Shakin'” on April 7th, 2021. The single marked the group’s first official comeback, meanwhile, the song “Take a Picture” was used as the Coca-Cola TV Commercial Film’s background music.

Watch The Fancam Performance of NiziU Ayaka

Get ready to watch the captivating NiziU’s Ayaka’s performances in these videos:

During the “Take a Picture” era, Ayaka has feminine and cute images which brought her a lot of attention from the fans. She has that kind of soothing vocal performance and an energetic dance as well. With that gorgeous face, no wonder she is considered as the group’s visual, right?

Ayaka has shown off such a powerful performance during the group’s “Chopstick” dance performance! With all the black outfits and her hair loosening down, Ayaka has emphasized the girl crush image very well. Not to mention her amazing dance skills and stable vocals while focusing on her charm!

That’s everything about NiziU’s Ayaka! After her long journey, she was finally able to debut as one of the girl group members who radiate many charms and talent. We’ll be looking forward to her upcoming project with NiziU! Well, do you also think that NiziU’s Ayaka is very charming? Leave a comment with your thoughts below, and don’t forget to kindly share this article on your social media!