All You Need to Know About Nine Muses Member Profile to Ranking Popularity Also Disbandment!


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About Nine Muses

Nine Muses, who debuted in 2010 and reigned as the goddess of the girls’ group! The origin of the group name is the muse of art that appears in Greek mythology. As the name suggests, the goddess-like beauty was shown on the stage, but it was dissolved in February 2019. Membership was repeated several times after debut, and there were four members at the time of disbandment. Check the changes of the goddesses!

Nine Muses with a model-class brilliance


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 Nine Muses (9MUSES, 나인 뮤지 스, Nine Muses, Star Empire) is a girls group that debuted in August 2010. The group was formed by nine members who were active in various fields such as singers, models, actresses, MCs.

Nine Muses, nicknamed model idol, and the model dollar, is almost the beauty of a goddess. Not only everyone is beautiful, but the performance on the stage is gorgeous! The stunning formation of the dance performed in their attractive style was a masterpiece.

Member change in Nine Muses is intense


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 Nine Muses are also famous as a group with extreme member changes. At the time of their debut in August 2010, the first members were Jae Kyung, Rana, Bini, Lee Sem, Eun Ji, Sera, Lee Yuelin, Hemi, Mina.

Later, in October 2010, August 2011, January 2012, April 2012, after leaving the members and joining new members, Sonia joined in January 2013. Returning to the human system, the single album “Dolls” was released. The day before the release, the Korean music industry held a comeback showcase for the first time in the military garrison, which became a big topic.

Nine Muses seemed to be doing well, but members will continue to graduate, join, and leave after 2014.

In 2016 Nine Muses A (NINE MUSES AMUSE) was formed, including Kyungri, Hemi, Sojin, and Kumjo, and the 6th mini album “MUSES DIARY PART.2: IDENTITY” was released in June 2017. She was active as Muses. However, Son A left the group in May 2018, and after that, until the disbandment, there were four goddesses, and the activities ended.

Nine Muses Member Popularity Order Profile

Here are the profiles of the final members of Nine Muses, the four goddesses. Each has a long history of art and a full line of performers. Of course, it’s beautiful and has a great style!

Nine Muses member popularity ranking 4th Sojin (So Jin) Profile


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Sojin, who is in charge of lead rapper and leading dancer (소진, born in October 1991), is a beautiful woman who is too well arranged. Before joining Nine Muses in January 2015, she was active in the unit “NASTY NASTY” formed with Kyungri and Kevin of ZE: A. She is also a member of the group “NINE MUSES A.”

In August 2017, She worked on the lyrics of the title song “LOVE CITY” of the repackage album “MUSES DIARY PART.3 LOVE CITY” together with Kyung-RI. Her Instagram is so cute.

In October 2017, she was selected as the heroine of the web drama “Oni” and was also active as an actress. After the disbandment, she will move to the office and start his second life as actress Cho So Jin.

Nine Muses member popularity ranking 3rd Profile of Keum Jo (Keum Jo)


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Lead vocalist Keum Jo (の, born in December 1992) is the youngest member who joined in January 2015. She is 167cm tall and tall as a general woman but is a phenomenon that is low among Nine Muses members.

Nine Muses have a different level from other girl groups. When she joined, some fans said, “Nine Muses must have been at least 170cm tall!”, But everyone was convinced by the activity of Manne.

She has a fascinating character and has been popular on TV shows and musicals. It was also noted that he participated in the chorus for GFRIEND and Space Girl’s music, and also participated in the OST for the drama “I love you even if I hate.”

Keum Jo, who has a high reputation for singing ability, has a steady voice that attracts many people.

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