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Newkidd Choi Ji-ann Profile, Facts, and Produce 101 Season 2 Appearance

Newkidd Choi Ji-ann
Newkidd Choi Ji-ann

Everything You Need To Know About Newkidd Vocalist Choi Jae-woo a.k.a Choi Ji-ann!

South Korea has fairly tight competition because they also always debut many K-pop groups every year. Therefore, every K-pop group must have a fresh concept in order to attract the attention of many people and make fans enthusiastic about what they provide in the music industry.

In this article, there’s detailed information about a member of the K-pop boy group that debuted on April 25, 2019, which is Newkidd! If you still don’t know about the group’s members, don’t worry! Let’s get closer to Newkidd’s vocalist Choi Ji-ann and learn more about his full profile, fun facts, appearance on Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2, and his debut era in the article below!

Newkidd Choi Ji-ann Profile

Newkidd Choi Ji-ann

Real Name: Choi Jaewoo (Hangul: 최재우)

Stage Name: Choi Jiann (Hangul: 최지안)

Birth: September 30, 1997

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 175 cm (5’9”)

Weight: 63 kg (138 lbs)

Blood Type: AB

Position in the Group: Vocalist

Sub-Unit: NewKidd02

Nationality: Korean

Newkidd Choi Ji-ann Fun Facts

  1. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann was revealed as a new member of Newkidd 02 on June 09, 2018, along with Hwi.
  2. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann was a trainee for 1 year and 4 months.
  3. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann’s hobby is playing with cats.
  4. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann plays the piano.
  5. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann is a former RBW trainee.
  6. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann was supposed to debut with RBW Boys, but his contract with RBW ended.
  7. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann is a student at 1Million Dance Studio.
  8. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann participated in Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2.
  9. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann is a fan of NCT‘s Taeyong.
  10. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann, Hansol, and Seungchan were hospitalized in April of 2020.
  11. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann is roommates with Hwi.
  12. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann used to weigh over 80 kg (176 lbs) but decided to lose weight when his parents said that he could not be a singer at his weight. He has now lost over 20 kg.
  13. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann produced songs before debuting and said during an interview on Arirang Radio that he is interested in producing for Newkidd as well.
  14. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann used to have an Instagram before debuting but deleted it after he signed with J-FLO Entertainment.
  15. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann also used to be active on his YouTube channel during his pre-debut but deleted all his videos except for one when he joined Newkidd.
  16. When Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann was unsigned to a label, he would still train every day as an independent trainee at 1M Dance Studio and at a training center.
  17. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann is in charge of recycling at the dorm.
  18. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann has a cat named Yukki.
  19. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann’s best physical feature is his sharp jawline.
  20. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann is very physically affectionate with his fellow Newkidd members and seems to be the most comfortable with Jinkwon, Seungchan, Woochul, and Hwi.
  21. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann is the most diligent and patient member of Newkidd according to Ji Hansol.
  22. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann has the best musical sense in Newkidd, and Jiann can play a note right after hearing it.
  23. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann is someone with many sides, and Jiann is someone who gives off warmth and does a lot of small things to take care of the others according to Yunmin.
  24. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann has his own personal goal of spreading good energy to his fans.
  25. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann’s motto is, “Happy thoughts bring happy things, painful thoughts bring painful things.”
  26. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann has the same real name as IN2IT’s Jian.
  27. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann often takes classes at the dance academy One Million Dance Studio.
  28. Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann appeared in Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2 during his 1 year, 4 months trainee period.

Newkidd Choi Ji-ann Appearance in Produce 101 Season 2

Choi Ji-ann made an appearance on Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2 when he was still a trainee under RBW Entertainment. Besides that, he was also still using his real name Choi Jae-woo while performing in the survival show.

Choi Jae-woo, now also known as Choi Ji-ann, was able to survive until episode 5 and experienced quite a fluctuating ranking. He started in Grade C and was ranked in the 74th position. Then, he dropped to the 94th position in episode 2. After that, he was in the 80th position in episode 3 and ended in the lowest ranking at the 97th position in episode 5 before finally being eliminated.

On July 10, 2017, Top Star News met with former RBW trainee Choi Jae-woo. At that time, he had just finished his journey on Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2. Produce 101 Season 2 trainees have a big difference in awareness from before and after. A reporter from the news media asked a question to Choi Jae-woo, a former contestant of Produce 101 Season 2.

To this, he said, “There are no such differences. I want to tell you [fans] about a letter when I was weak that gave me strength, and that support made me able to practice. Thank you very much,” he said, making the viewers feel warm.

“When I was performing ‘Pick Me’ at a fan meeting, I thought I was doing something like a celebrity.” Choi Jae-woo said, “Produce 101 Season 2 is a rope that can hold back the dream. As I get older, the rope towards my dream is loosening, and I am tied up again,” he stated.

He also revealed another thing that he learned after being eliminated from the show, “I’m learning to compose, but as I get older, there is an age limit on the idol side so I’m thinking about my career path. There was a lot of thought about whether to become a producer or idol.”

“But, after the stage of ‘Pick Me,’ I thought that I should become a singer unconditionally. It’s just the floor on stage is really different. I want to continue to feel that feeling that can only be felt on the stage and on the floor,” he said.

When the reporter asked about what Choi Jae-woo gained after his appearance on Produce 101 Season 2, he said, “I am most grateful to have gained popularity while being anonymous. The next thing to consider is the ability to see the camera. I had to look at the camera because it was a broadcast program, but I avoided it because it was awkward.”

He continued, “I used to have performances in classical music so I didn’t know much about popular music. That’s why I didn’t know pop songs. I’m actually the type of person who couldn’t memorize song lyrics quickly so I was worried a lot, but I ended up still singing pop songs.”

“I thought it would be an experience to try something I had never done before, but there were many reviews saying that it suited me. When I made a dance break, it was well-received,” he said. He continued, “When I practiced, I practiced in the morning, but I wasn’t good at it. But, after going through this, I didn’t feel tired even when I practiced in the morning.”

Choi Jae-woo also shared his feelings after he appeared as a contestant on Produce 101 Season 2. “The last episode was when I left the company so I couldn’t go. I just watched the show at home,” he said.

“I couldn’t sleep well because I thought even though I was dropped out, I had friends who were filming at the site, but from a viewer’s point of view, I couldn’t control my emotions well. I felt like something was missing. I tried to do it as I saw it when I debuted so that I wouldn’t feel sad, but it didn’t work.”

Choi Jae-woo also expressed how he felt after the show ended, stating, “It was very empty, and I even contacted other trainees. It felt like everything around me was missing. It must have felt like being trapped in a black room. Even if I tried to pack, there was a feeling of frustration that I could not do it.”

“I had to go to practice, but I didn’t want to go. That’s why I didn’t go to practice for two or three days,” he said, making the viewers sad. He continued, “When I was eliminated the first time, my condition was not good and I was sick. Then, my mind wandered for a moment.”

“At that time, I thought that I should stick with it, but I didn’t want to stick with it. My mental state was broken, but, now, I regret that I thought like that. After the presentation, I took a taxi and went to the hospital right away,” he said, recalling the sad moments right after he was eliminated from the show that was aired on Mnet.

Who knew that Produce 101 Season 2, which contained radiant youth, had this kind of pain that was felt by contestants just like Choi Jae-woo behind the scenes. What do you think about Choi Jae-woo’s appearance on Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2?

Newkidd Choi Ji-ann Debut Era

On April 23, 2019, Newkidd’s debut showcase “NEWKIDD” was held on the 9th floor of Dongdaemun Lotte Fit-In Heart Box in Seoul. This time, they were promoted as a six-member group. They debuted with 7 original members with Jinkwon, Ji Hansol, Choi Ji-ann, Yunmin, Woochul, Kang Seungchan, and Hwi with their official debut song titled “Tu Eres.”

The emotions of the newly joined members were unique. Choi Ji-ann said, “I am happy every day to be working as a Newkidd’s member with my cute younger brothers and a great older brother [Ji Hansol]. I am one step closer to my dream of debuting so I am happy that we are working on that dream together.”

Choi Ji-ann also shared his relationship with Newkidd’s members and said, “The members are very nice and they are like family. I was able to quickly adapt to the team and what I am doing now is fun.”

During their debut era, there were still many people who did not know the charm of Newkidd because it was still a rookie group, but Choi Ji-ann had his own charm and said, “I think I can show various charms through dancing and singing. I’m a little shy, but I’m active when I’m with the members.”

Choi Ji-ann who made his debut at 20 years old said, “I also have the sensibility of a teenager. Considering my age, I am still a teenager.

In addition, Choi Ji-ann said, “I think my charming point is the sharp jawline. I was able to play the piano when I was young, and I think the fact that I have good dexterity is also a small charm. Another point is also that I have long hair in the back.”

What do you think about Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann’s debut era?

Well, that is all of the information about Newkidd’s Choi Ji-ann and everything you should know about him. Let’s keep sending him a lot of love and support so his career will shine even more in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Byeol Korea!