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NEWJEANS Minji Full Profile And Fun Facts


Get To Know More About NEWJEANS Member Kim Min-ji!

NEWJEANS (hangul: 뉴진스) is a South Korean girl group under ADOR and HYBE Labels that officially debuted on August 1, 2022. NEWJEANS has five original members line-up with Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein with a debut song titled “Attention”.

In this article, there’s detailed information that you should know about one of NEWJEANS’ members, which is Minji. Let’s get more up-close about NEWJEANS’ Minji in this article below!

NEWJEANS Minji Profile


Real Name : Kim Minji (hangul: 김민지)

Stage Name : Minji (hangul: 민지)

Birth : May 07, 2004

Star Sign : Taurus

Height : 169 cm (5’6”)

Education :

  • Mancheon Elementary School
  • Sinsa Middle School
  • Hanlim Multi Art School

Nationality : Korean

NEWJEANS Minji Fun Facts

  1. NEWJEANS’ Minji’s representative emoji is Bear
  2. NEWJEANS’ Minji’s MBTI type is ESTJ-T
  3. NEWJEANS’ Minjiis a former Source Music trainee
  4. NEWJEANS’ Minji joined Source Music during her second year of middle school
  5. NEWJEANS’ Minji was the face of the Plus Global Auditions in 2019
  6. NEWJEANS’ Minji’s favorite seasons are summer and winter, but she has a bit of a preference for summer
  7. NEWJEANS’ Minji likes eating ice cream
  8. NEWJEANS’ Minji doesn’t like Hawaiian pizza or mint chocolate
  9. NEWJEANS’ Minji is a member of the journaling club on Phoning (the app for NewJeans)
  10. NEWJEANS’ Minji’s favorite Baskin Robbins flavor is New York Cheesecake
  11. NEWJEANS’ Minji’s hobby is reading and decorating her diary
  12. NEWJEANS’ Minji is the cleanup queen of NewJeans
  13. NEWJEANS’ Minji’s nickname is a teddy bear
  14. NEWJEANS’ Minji wants to do a pajama party, camp, and have a cooking show with the members
  15. NEWJEANS’ Minji’s hashtags that she uses to represent her are #Round (Since her eyes and face are round), #Minji, and #NewJeans
  16. NEWJEANS’ Minji would be in the Gryffindor House if she were in Harry Potter
  17. NEWJEANS’ Minji’s favorite colors are black, red, and blue
  18. NEWJEANS’ Minji’s favorite word is watermelon
  19. NEWJEANS’ Minji’s favorite part on one of her songs is “Hype Boy”‘s pre-chorus
  20. NEWJEANS’ Minji would be playing tennis if she was an athlete
  21. NEWJEANS’ Minji would be shooting a lens ad if she could pick a commercial, she would be in
  22. NEWJEANS’ Minji would choose the fate of living naturally and then becoming a zombie if zombies suddenly appeared

That was all for the information about NEWJEANS’ Minji. Let’s keep supporting her career with NEWJEANS, so she can be more popular and get a lot of love from fans in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming article from Byeol Korea!