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NCT Taeyong

NCT Taeyong and His Relationship with His Sister

NCT’s Taeyong is well-known for his great visuals and leadership in the group, and he has a warm personality. However, did you know that Taeyong can be an adorable brother to his sister?

Yes, the K-Pop idol has an older sister who is several years older than him, and both seem to have a close relationship. Let’s get to know further details regarding NCT’s Taeyong’s sister through the article below by Byeol Korea!

Let’s Meet NCT Taeyong Older Sister!

NCT Taeyong

We all know that Taeyong is the all-rounder K-Pop idol who raised his fame after debuting with NCT, NCT 127, and becoming a part of Super M. Not only is he a good leader for his members, but Taeyong is a caring person for those he loves the most, just like his family and sibling!

Yes, NCT’s Taeyong family consists of a mother, father, and an older sister born in 1988. Although the exact date of birth and her real name isn’t publicly revealed, Taeyong talks about his sister once in a while.

Moreover, Taeyong’s older sister married and has one son, which means that Taeyong is an uncle to his nephew. He also spotted his nephew sometimes or simply called him whenever he had time. It was also revealed that Taeyong attended his sister’s wedding ceremony alongside NCT’s Johnny.

NCT Taeyong Sister is a Fan of NCT Johnny

NCT Taeyong and Johnny

NCT’s Taeyong’s sister must have been very proud of her little brother since he is the leader of a famous K-Pop group capable of making and writing music and has such gorgeous visuals. However, did you know that NCT’s Taeyong’s sister might be crazy over NCT’s Johnny?

Well, it seems like she is a fan of Johnny since Taeyong once talked about that during one of his live sessions. “My sister captured pictures of our group’s performance at MAMA, but they were all Johnny’s picture,” he said with a sulky experience.

Then he hilariously said, “Noona, if you’re watching this, explain it! I’ll tell my brother-in-law,” with a cheeky smile. The way Taeyong can tease his ‘Noona’ cheerfully, the two of them must have been doing that since long ago, right?

Relationship Between Taeyong and His Sister

Aside from the teasing moment between Taeyong and his older sister, the K-Pop idol also talked about her sister once in a while. Taeyong also somehow radiates such a ‘protective’ vibes of a brother toward his Noona.

When NCT members were being asked which member they’d like to introduce to their siblings, NCT’s Taeyong, with a smile on his face, jokingly said, “Luckily, my sister is already married,” which also somehow means that he doesn’t have to introduce any member to his sister.

The other time, Taeyong refers to his sister as someone who is a hard worker and strong, and she is a role model for him to become better and someone who will always be working hard.

Since Taeyong revealed that he was timid in the past, he depended on her strong personality a lot. “I was a shy boy, and my sister was a strong girl. So, yes, I depended on her and wanted to be strong like her.”

NCT Taeyong Sister Social Media

Since Taeyong publicly talked about his sister and even posted a picture with his sister’s son, many fans are curious even more to know his sister any further, just like digging for information about her social media platform. However, there are no official social media that she probably runs, or most likely, she keeps it private for herself and her family only.

That’s everything about NCT’s Taeyong’s sister! Although the public can’t see their togetherness very often, we can tell that Taeyong and his sister are loved each other wholeheartedly. Let’s wish nothing but the best for their happiness ahead!

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