Did NCT Taeyong Undergo Plastic Surgery? And Also Find Out About Taeyong’s Scam Scandal!


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Rumor and Truth About NCT’s Taeyong Plastic Surgery

As an idol that is Korean, there are rumors regarding Taeyong’s appearance. Fans are speculating over if body and his face are organic or if he’s had plastic surgery. Taeyong and both SM Entertainment himself have never made a statement regarding surgery. But, we compare them to the Taeyong and can evaluate him.

Taeyong Before Debut

Taeyong Before Debut

Taeyong Before Debut

Taeyong After Debut


Fans found that Taeyong was a model in a clothes manufacturer. We can see from a young age, he had been attractive and gets the grin until today. We can agree he has not had any plastic surgery done on his face.

Taeyong’s Scam Scandal and Racist Comments


Lying Taeyong was found to be selling items that were broken, and penalizing with his accounts on Gundam After he was in school. He dropped his supporters’ respect and several of them said things and called him’ScamYong’.

Later, on ON AIR NCT SHOW – Day two , NCT U members said good things about Taeyong, and he answered them with regard to his scamming scandal. He said, when I was younger I made a mistake and acted wrongly, therefore I would like the members and dongsaengs I adore not to make the very same mistakes. I’d like to let them know what I understand.

Back then, when the controversy had been brought up, his agency came out on behalf of Taeyong, stating”Taeyong is representing heavily on the mistakes he made throughout his middle school . We apologize to everyone who may have endured negatively. We’ll work hard to develop Taeyong into an artist that has a fantastic personality and fantastic skills.”

After viewing Taeyong admitting his mistakes and apologizing, many lovers gave him sympathy, but there are people bashing his character. It doesn’t stop there.

People discovered that Taeyong had spoken rudely about Japanese girl, saying things like”so lame” and”I wager at least 50 out of those 100 pupils are anime character loving nerds right? ” He also fat-shamed Japanese girls and called them nasty. Nobody in the entertainment sector should have a character like that. Netizens are extremely disappointed in Taeyong’s awful personality supporting his image as a leader of NCT U.

Do you think the hatred is deserved for Taeyong? What’s your view on Taeyong’s past life?