All You Need to Know About Moments When Mark’s Graduation From NCT Dream!


Take a Look Mark’s Graduation Moment From NCT Dream

SM fans, you guys must know about the youngest group in SM Entertainment, it’s NCT, an acronym of Neo Culture Technology. The big agency uses a unique concept for this group. The concept is about having unlimited numbers of members, so SM will keep adding members and dividing them into units. Up until now, NCT already has 4 units: NCT Dream, NCT 127, NCT U, and WayV with total 21 members.

NCT Dream is the third unit to be debuted in 2016. Their debut song was Chewing Gum with happy, cheery, and child-like concept matching the members that were all still very young. The original members of NCT Dream are Mark, Ren-jun, Je-no, Hae-chan, Jae-min, Chen-le, and Ji-sung.

NCT Dream is using graduation concept where the members will be graduated if their age has reached the limit, 19 years old. Mark, who was the oldest, will turn 20 years old this year so he has to graduate from the group. But don’t worry Mark is included in other units except WayV so he will be active in another units!

Mark Officially Graduated From NCT Dream

Last year, SM Entertainment’s official account announced NCT Dream’s comeback with We Go Up that was made for Mark’s graduation. The teaser, Dear DREAM, made fans emotional with lyrics hinting for Mark’s graduation. Here are the MV and the teaser

On 5 December 2018, NCT Dream held a graduation ceremony for Mark. Of course, the fans, the members including Mark was crying remember that Mark won’t be in NCT Dream anymore and it would be Mark’s last performance as NCT Dream. Check out Mark’s ment:

This is what Mark said as translated by Koreaboo:

“When I was a trainee, we performed as “Ahgi-shinki*” so when I debuted first with [NCT U] hyungs I was a bit sad then. At that time, Renjun and Chenle weren’t here yet.

After debuting, through NCT, I was able to debut with these kids again. But this time, with Renjun and Chenle. So then [I realized] if I debuted with Ahgi-shinki, then Renjun and Chenle wouldn’t be here.

So what I realized is no matter what I feel in that moment, another good thing can happen in the future — thus, I should wait and see.

Just like that, although today is a bit sad, I hope to think of this as something good for everyone. Although tears may fall, I hope we can think of this positively.

I’m so thankful and, I wasn’t going to cry but… everyone, there are so many people who cheered for 7Dream and made it so that we could dream. I hope that you could clap for all those people.

Everyone, finally, thank you so much for loving 7Dream. Because of that, I can graduate happily. Thank you for coming to Dream Show. Thank you so much everyone.”

Last month, SM Entertainment’s official YouTube channel released NCT Dream’s SM Station titled Candle Light. The song gives a warm and chill vibe. Have you listened to it?

The Other Dreamies are Crying

During the graduation ceremony, all the other members are crying while Mark giving his last speech. As the oldest, the younger members must have been relying so much on him and now Mark has to graduate from the group leaving Je-no, Jae-min, Chen-le, Ren-jun, Ji-sung, and Hae-chan.

Fans Reaction

Not only in Korea, NCTzens around the world also expressed their sadness through Twitter accounts. Check out some reactions of international NCTzens from twitter:

Latest News

SM Entertainment just debuted another unit of NCT. The unit is WayV that will be promoting mostly in China. However, Mark nor other Dreamies are included in this unit. Beside NCT Dream, Mark made a comeback with NCT 127 with Simon Says on November 2018. For the rest of NCT Dream, there is no plan yet for another comeback or addition members.

You guys can check out NCT Dream’s first group picture without Mark here! (Hae-chan supposed to be included in the picture but he was away)

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