All You Need to Know About NCT Jaemin Transformations From Pre-Debut Until Now!


Jaemin, 2016

2016 was the year when Jaemin officially debuted as a member of NCT Dream. The group released a song called Chewing Gum, with the theme that was cute and colorful. Jaemin was adorable, blowing bubbles with an impish look on his face.

This is one of the teasers from before Chewing Gum‘s release. Jaemin sports a youthful look with colorful clothes and an adorable smile.

Wearing simple clothes, a T-shirt, blue cardigan, light brown pants, and a maroon hat makes Jaemin’s appearance look very effortless, but still adorable.

Jaemin, 2017

He looked charming in this pink jacket combined with blue jeans.He looks like boyfriend material.

With his hair styled like this, Jaemin has a little-boy look.

This photo was when Jaemin went on a break from all promotional activities due to a herniated disc. On August 13, 2017, Jaemin wrote the following message to thank fans for celebrating his birthday.

“Hello everyone! It’s Jaemin!! Thank you for the birthday wishes today. Did you miss me a lot? I miss you all too. I’m doing my best to receive treatment for my spine and counting the days until I can meet our fans! NCT Dream is making a comeback with ‘We Young’!! Please give it lots of love, and I, Jaemin, will also be cheering the members on and getting ready! It’s very hot these days, so don’t get sick and be careful of your health. Once again, thank you for congratulating me on my 18th birthday, and I love you a lot!!”

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