Get to Know NCT Handsome Managers, Here!


Get to Know NCT Handsome Managers, Here!

NCT members are well-known as a K-Pop group who are very close with their managers. On certain occasions, they casually talked or hilariously teased their managers, but also showcased their affection toward the managers.

NCT managers have also been recognized by the fans, especially, some of them have even been called the Handsome Managers of NCT. In this article, Byeol Korea will explain to you everything about the NCT managers, so stay tuned!

Meet the Handsome Managers of NCT

P.A. Kajen

NCT is one of the groups under SM Entertainment that have a lot of members and subunits, such as NCT 127, NCT U, NCT Dream, and WayV as well. With those active members and subunits, NCT indeed have a lot of activities and tight schedules. They need managers to help them compile their schedule and make sure that their activities as well as the members’ conditions are on good terms.

NCT are famously known to have Handsome Managers. Yes, there were some men who have been working with the members so far, and they were also popular among NCTzen (NCT fandom). And here are some of the handsome managers of NCT that you need to get acquainted with!

Manager Yoojin

NCT Manager Yoojin

Let’s start with Manager Yoojin. He once went viral due to his handsome appearance and how good he is while taking care of NCT members. Moreover, Manager Yoojin was once considered the ‘unofficial NCT member’ by the fans!

Manager Yoojin was spotted by fans for the first time during a fan signing event at SMTOWN Atrium back in March 2018. With his good-looking appearance, many fans have called him the Visual Manager. Manager Yoojin’s visuals somehow look like a mixture of NCT’s Jaehyun, WayV’s Kun, and NCT’s Jungwoo.

Manager Hyunjoon

NCT Manager Hyunjoon

Just like Manager Yoojin, Manager Hyunjoon is also very popular among the fans. On most occasions, Manager Hyunjoon was always there for NCT members and genuinely took care of them. No wonder Manager Hyunjoon was loved by the fans and NCT members as well!

Aside from that, there were also a couple of NCT fans who made a fansite for Manager Hyunjoon and kept updates about him. Manager Hyunjoon also has a public Instagram @__hyunjoonk making the fans even more excited since they can stay updated about NCT activities or simply say their gratitude toward Hyunjoon who has been a good manager for NCT.

Manager MC Ari

There was also a popular manager among NCTzen, and he is considered Manager MC Ari. To be exact, we can tell that he was a manager of NCT Dream. At certain moments, NCT Dream was talking about Manager MC Ari and teased him when he was around.

NCT Dream’s Chenle once revealed that MC Ari was his roommate, so it was quite clear that he was NCT Dream’s manager! You can also check out some of NCT Dream and Manager MC Ari’s moments, here:

Fans Reactions and Thoughts on NCT Handsome Managers

Let’s check out what the fans have said about NCT’s handsome managers, here:

“Let’s be real, without the managers, NCT would’ve burned the SM Entertainment building down by now.”

“We could see that NCT like their managers, and that’s so cute!”

“You can see in V-Lives, etc. how fond NCT are of their managers.”

“Haechan called the manager ‘My Love’… he’s a lucky man.”

“NCT members are so cute with their managers!”

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