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Get To Know Model-turned-Actor Nam Yoon-su Profile, Siblings, Family, Dramas, Etc

Nam Yoon-su
Nam Yoon-su

The Handsome and Talented South Korean Actor/Model That Has Never Stopped Learning

Nam Yoon-su is a South Korean model who turned actor under Agency Garten. He appeared in the Seoul Fashion Week when he was 17 years old and started his career as a model for many popular brands. Let’s check out Nam Yoon-su’s profile in this Byeol Korea article below! Stay tuned!

Nam Yoon-su Full Profile Age, Height

Nam Yoon-su
DramaWiki – D-Addicts

Stage Name: Nam Yoon-su (Hangeul:남윤수)
Birth Name: Nam Yoon-su (Hangeul: 남윤수)
Birthday: July 14th, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Ox
Height: 186 cm (6’1″)
Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: nam_yoonsu
Twitter: @num977140 (inactive)

15 Nam Yoon-su Fun Facts

1. He graduated from Hanlim Arts High School.

2. Nam Yoon-su has appeared in a music video with Suzy as a university student.

3. Nam Yoon-su is quite shy.

4. He likes to watch horror movies like The Saw.

5. He wants to have a role in horror and romantic comedy movies.

6. He likes watching Designated Survivor on Netflix.

7. His shoe size is 280 mm.

8. He started his career in modeling when he was 16 years old, in his sophomore year of high school.

9. His religion is Korean shamanism/Muism.

10. He tends to mess his hair.

11. He dreams of being a model till he is 40 and then move somewhere in the countryside without pollution like in Finland.

12. He wants to visit Paris and Milan.

13. From a very young age he has always been in a hurry, but now he feels that it’s a bad thing.

14. His ideal type is Min Hyorin who has a double eyelid.

14. People tend to call him First Love Memory-controller.
15. He has been an M Countdown host.

Nam Yoon-su Started His Career as a Model for the Agency Garten

Nam Yoon-su became a model in 2014 when he was only 17 years old. Then, he got a contract under Agency Garten. He did photoshoots for popular brands and appeared in the 2015 S/S Seoul Fashion Week. So cool!

His motto in life, “Do your best, rather than be the best,” has made him this far. He revealed that when he wants to pursue something, he is willing to do something different or change things. It works!

Nam Yoon-su in Web Series

Nam Yoon-su has been active in some web series. This marks the beginning of his journey in acting; such are the web dramas 4 Kinds of Home and Want More 19 in 2018.

In 2019, Nam Yoon-su also did a special appearance in the web drama Re-Feel, even with only a short appearance. He was involved in the drama I’m Not A Robot.

Nam Yoon-su as a Model in Music Videos

Nam Yoon-su appeared in Epitone Project’s “First Love” music video which is part of the Extraordinary You soundtrack.

Nam Yoon-su also appeared as boyfriend material in the music video “DOT” by BrotherSu.

He also appeared in the music video “Be There” by Cheeze with his friend from the same agency, Joo Yo-ji and Kang Cho-won.

Nam Yoon-su Breakthrough in Extracurricular

Nam Yoon-su had his breakthrough in acting playing Kwak Ki-tae in the drama Extracurricular. This role is massively different compared to his character. He portrayed a person who is violent and vulgar. He admitted that he could suddenly feel emotions other than the shooting.

Nam Yoon-su Gains More Popularity in The King Affection

Nam Yoon-su in the drama The King’s Affection played the role of Lee Hyun which brought him into the spotlight. This character was not difficult to develop as he has admitted that it is close to his personality. Lee Hyun is someone who can’t see injustice and is passionate.

Nam Yoon-su and Bae Suzy Became a Sweet Couple in a Short Film

Nam Yoon-su collaborated with Suzy again after the music video of Epitone Project in 2018. They met each other again in a short movie titled Live You Strength that was released on Kakao TV.

This drama is about a woman who goes through a broken heart. Suzy is the woman whose heart was broken by Nam Yoon-su as her ex-boyfriend. This short drama is only 10 minutes long but meaningful!

Nam Yoon-su and Kang Min-ah Friendship

Nam Yoon-su and Kang Min-ah always show their friendship and it is so adorable. In the beginning, they met each other in a drama titled Temperature Of Language: Our Nineteen.

Kang Min-ah is also an actress popular for her supporting role in the drama True Beauty in 2020. They often share their relationship as best friends through their social media. Later, they worked in the same drama titled Beyond Evil.

Nam Yoon-su Family Parents, Siblings, Cats

Nam Yoon-su grew up in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do with his father, mother, and two older brothers. His parents were both born in 1967.

Besides, he also has cats as his pets named ChaCha and Bobo. Interestingly, both of his cats also have an Instagram account managed by him.

That’s all about Nam Yoon-su’s profile, family, drama, etc. Hope all of you will keep supporting him in his career in the future. Don’t forget to drop a line with your comment below. What drama do you like from Nam Yoon-su? Please, share it too on Twitter!