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Nam Woo-hyun

Nam Woo-hyun from the K-pop group INFINITE has begun to adapt to military life. The Nonsan army recruitment training center released the latest photos of the soldiers who started their military service. One of the participants was Nam Woohyun, who looked fresh and dashing in his army uniform.

Nam Woohyun entered military service on October 24, 2019. After undergoing basic military training, he will carry out his duties as a public service employee. He was allowed to become a public service employee and not an active soldier because of his condition. Previously it was reported that Nam Woohyun suffered a shoulder injury that will keep him from being an active-duty soldier.

That was all the information we could gather about Nam Woo-hyun and his top solo songs. Which one is your favorite? Let’s keep supporting him as a member of INFINITE or as a solo artist! And don’t forget to kindly leave your thoughts in the comment section below!