A Solo Artist Here Are Songs Of Nam Woo-hyun You Should Add To Your Playlist!

Nam Woo-hyun
Nam Woo-hyun

Get to Know INFINITE Main Vocalist and Solo Singer Nam Woo-hyun!

It’s normal for a member of the K-pop group to go solo apart from their activities with their own group. Examples of this are SHINee’s Taemin, SNSD’s Taeyeon, Super Junior’s Ryeowook, and so on. Nam Woo-hyun from INFINITE is another idol who also does solo work. His beautiful voice is finally getting the recognition it deserves with his solo songs.

In this article, Byeol Korea will be providing you a list of Nam Woo-hyun’s solo songs that you should think about adding on your playlist. So, stay tuned!

Hold On Me (featuring Junoflo)

Hold On Me was released on May 7th, 2019, and featured in the album A New Journey. This is Nam Woo-hyun’s latest solo album, done right before he enlisted to the military. He released his third mini-album, as well as a music video featuring rapper Junoflo, for the title track, Hold On Me.

The previous title tracks of Nam Woo-hyun Still I Remember and If Only You Are Fine were ballads that gained him the reputation of being a skilled solo vocalist. He proved through this new album that he was also able to pull off dance tracks.

Hold On Me is a track that includes both acoustic and electronic guitar sounds, as well as house music elements. Nam Woo-hyun wrote the lyrics of the song, in which he asks someone to hold on to him and make his life brighter.

Let’s check out the snippets of the lyrics!

Take me anywhere out of this suffocating nightmare
Oh Oh Oh reach out your delicate arms
I Don’t Have Time Pull Me Close…

And also this:

She Pulling Me Closer this feeling,
actually your eyes, your face,
(I’ve) seen there before somewhere
And I’m Ready To Give My All To You
wandering in this maze that’s swallowed me
I’m looking for a light that is you…

Not only good with ballads, a dance song like Hold On Me also proves how versatile Nam Woo-hyun is!

Let’s see what netizens had to say about this song!

[+263] Wow I didn’t expect Nam Woohyun to be this good with other genres. I always liked his ballad songs. Inspirits, this deserves more love. Let’s stream hard… hwaiting..

[+280] So refreshing to hear new genre from Woohyun omg he’s so versatile I’m loving this so muchhhh

[+23] True music is not about likes, comments & views. It’s the Beauty capable of spellbound

[+17] This is a total BOP and I’m IN LOVE <3

A Song for You (지금 이 노래)

A Song For You was released on December 13, 2018, as a special gift by Nam Woo-hyun to his beloved fans. Before officially releasing it, the 28-year-old idol had the chance to bring the song for the first time in his solo concert, titled Arbor Day.

Although it was just released, A Song For You had been finished for almost eight months. This was revealed by Nam Woo-hyun while he was being interviewed by Osen magazine on December 15, 2018.

I think it’s been eight months since I recorded the song. I have a music storage document and there are about 20 songs that I haven’t released. To be honest, I feel that A Song For You is the best way to describe the emotions felt by Nam Woo-hyun at this time,” he said as reported by Soompi.

He exemplified this by describing the emotions of the actors when projecting themselves through the characters they portray. Through A Song For You, Nam Woo-hyun, who debuted his solo on May 9, 2016, mixed his life story into song lyrics.

I want to say (to fans), ‘This is a song that holds me now, please listen. I don’t need anything else, just smile when listening to it’. This is a song that I really love, that’s why I released it,” he continued.

Nam Woohyun said that the lyrics of this song are very related to him. In this song, he also explained that people can easily forget things over time. “It’s been nine years since Infinite debuted. Because we have been active for a long time, people can say that this is no longer the best time for Infinite. Therefore, the song A Song For You is very related to me,” he said.

A Song For You, itself, gives the perspective of a man who wants to express his love to the person he loves. Through this song, Woohyun wants to express his warm love to the fans who have supported him all this time.

Let’s check out the snippets of the lyrics!

Let me start this song now
I just need you to smile during this song
You just need to listen to it
That’s all I need

And also this:

I’m going to you
I’ll protect you
I’ll sing for you
When the starlight falls again

Let’s see what netizens commented about this song!

[+199] everyone needs to watch this!!! masterpiece cannot be wasted!


[+101] Woohyun’s high notes always amaze me, but his low notes at the beginning of the song shocked me up. His deep voice touches my heart calmly and warmly. Thank you for this beautiful song, Oppa

[+100] Listen with earphones, close your eyes and then imagine you are in Woohyun concert ❤️❤️❤️ trust me you will feel the same me too 💕💕. NamWoohyun is the best 😍😍😍 love love ❤️

If Only You Are Fine (너만 괜찮다면)

Nam Woo-hyun released his second EP, Second Write, in April 2018. The single titled If Only You Are Fine is an emotional ballad that thrives on the powerful vocals of the singer as he focuses on a relationship that loses its romantic momentum, offering the vibe of a love song while acting as a break-up track at the same time.

If Only You Are Fine was co-written by Nam Woo-hyun, with the production team 7six9 music and is his first single since 2016’s Still I Remember. The song was released through a music video portraying Nam and a woman as a couple wavering between tender, romantic moments and those showing the pair’s separation.

Along with If Only You Are Fine, the album Second Write contains seven other tracks, including the groovy I Swear with Dongwoo, Woohyun’s fellow INFINITE member, and the nostalgic pop-rock track Smile with TraxX’s Jungmo. Woohyun co-write You’re My Lady and I Love You, the latter of which he said was inspired by his fans, along with the single.

Let’s check out the snippets of the lyrics!

So again you cry and I get complicated
Time passes again and again
It’s just that these hurt
I’m proud of you because of you.
I’m sorry to say I’m not a dumbass.
I’d rather you ended it,
This guy’s not gonna do it.

And also this:

We have to keep on fighting forever
I’ll nail my bosom again and leave the time.
We once loved you a lot.
Can I go back then?
If it’s all you want

Let’s see what netizens commented about this song!

[+456] visuals ✅
vocals ✅
lyrics ✅
nam woohyun ✅✅✅✅✅✅✅

[+84] He is the one that breaks the “Immortal Song” with the highest score right?

[+36] Damn the lyrics. I know the feeling where you are in relationships that fights a lot but couldn’t let go. It just damn sad and hard. Namu really made great lyrics. It touches my heart.

[+7] I really like this song….i think I’ve watched this for about 30 times..

Still I Remember (끄덕끄덕)

In summer 2016, Nam Woo-hyun introduced a new single, titled Still I Remember. Released on May 24th, 2016, Woohyun’s song immediately became a hot topic among his fans. Many fans were touched by the lyrics of this song. Besides, the uploaded music video also reinforces the message in the song.

Let’s check out the snippets of the lyrics!

Day by day, I talk less and less
So I’m afraid to say everything now
Don’t misunderstand me
Even though I’m not saying it out loud
Listen to my heart

And also this:

I cry because I can’t forget
I cry although I want to forget
In the end, it’s greed, it’s all my fault
There’s no place for me to hide in my heart

Let’s see what netizens commented about this song!

[+62] You know the Singer is great when the way he presents the song, the emotions, the feelings just reaches your soul and pulls out your heartstrings and you end up being a crying mess 😭

[+21] I still know the melody and lyrics even after 2 years 😭

[+18] His voice always makes me wanna just close my eyes and soak it all in… beautiful

[+3] I watching this again because really miss him, miss his voice

One and a Half (일과 이분의 일) (featuring Hwang Hye-young)

Nam Woo-hyun performed One And A Half song with Hwang Hye-young for the show Two Yoo Project Sugar Man Ep. 33 in 2016.

The inspiration for the program began with the film Searching For Sugar Man, which relates to the 2012 Swedish–British movie about American singer Sixto Rodriguez, who fell into darkness in the U.S. but ended up as a megastar in South Africa somehow. The program revolves around the fight between two teams led by Yoo Jae-suk and Yoo Hee-yeol. A “Sugar Man” will be brought back by each team: the singer was a one-hit-wonder, but has since vanished from the public eye. The two teams are recreating the old song, Sugar Song into new versions that will make it attractive to the music market today. In order to restore their glory, the producer of each group will recreate the songs with the contemporary artist, “Show Man,” who will change each episode.

Let’s check out the snippets of the lyrics!

When I saw you from afar
I thought I’d go another way
I want to see you
In short, I want to say hello

Also this:

In the way you forgot the day I became two
I’m lonely and empty than when I’m one
Is it because of my half you took
So you could be two

Let’s see what netizens commented about this song!

[+233] Woohyun is the only singer that I don’t mind him singing whatever songs as I just want to listen to his voice and appreciate it. His voice really can give chills to me.

[+210] his voice really suit the song! perfect!!

[+126] Woohyun did so well >_< The performance is so cute

[+110] nam woohyun’s voice, i’m in love ❤.❤ and the stage is full of cuteness.. and grease!