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Get To Know My Name Actor Mun Sang-min Profile, Dramas, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Mun Sang-min
Mun Sang-min

Let’s Find Out More About The Rookie Actor Mun Sang-min

K-Dramas are certainly one of the most interesting and widely watched programs by young people today. The background of the story that is given sometimes gives its own sensation for those who watch it because there are several stories that can be related. Besides that, K-Dramas also present actors and actresses who look perfect from any angle and praise the visuals of Korean actors and actresses a lot.

In this article, we have proved detailed information about one of the South Korean rookie actors—Mun Sang-min, who recently became famous for his appearance in My Name that was aired in 2021. For those of you who have seen his appearance, you must be very curious about Mun Sang-min’s identity, right? Don’t skip the detailed explanation provided in the article below to find out more about Mun Sang-min!

Mun Sang-min Profile

Mun Sang-min

Real Name: Mun Sang-min (Hangul: 문상민)

Place and Date of Birth: South Korea, April 14th, 2000


  • Hanlim Performing Arts High School
  • Sungkyunkwan University (Department of Acting Arts/Attended)

Agency: Awesome ENT

Official Site: Instagram (@_sangmxn_)

Mun Sang-min in Web Series

Maybe Mun Sang-min is not well known by many people because he has mostly appeared as a cast member of web series. Since 2019, Mun Sang-min successfully debuted as a web series actor and became one of the characters named Yeom Se-jin in Four Reasons I Hate Christmas (Hangul: 크리스마스가 싫은 네 가지 이유).

In this web series, Mun Sang-min played the character of Yeom Se-jin, who graduated from the Department of Business Administration, Korea University, and he works as a part-timer in a shop. At the end of the year, Yeom Se-jin hates Christmas because of the crowds of customers. He is entangled in a bad relationship with Pureum, who comes to do a daily hop, and spends an unexpected Christmas.

In 2020, Mun Sang-min also played in another web series titled The Colors of Our Time (Hangul: 마침내 물들다). The Colors of Our Time produced by Vanilla, a video content producer, is a four-part series that lasts about 15 minutes per episode. As the story of web novelist Yura tells the story of a photographer named Jung-woo (played by Mun Sang-min), whom he met while traveling in Tongyeong, as the main character, and begins writing a novel.

In the same year, Mun Sang-min played in another web series titled The Little Mermaid: The Beginning (Hangul: 인어왕자: 더 비기닝). He played the character named Jo Ah-seo, who is a famous member of the high school swimming club, a known playboy with a warm appearance.

Mun Sang-min in My Name

My Name (Hangul: 마이 네임) tells the story of Yoon Ji-woo’s struggle to find the killer of her father who died on her 17th birthday. Ji-woo’s father died in front of her eyes killed by someone mysterious and at that time his face was covered.

Ji-woo ends up joining the drug syndicate where her father worked before he died. Ji-woo’s goal when she joined this syndicate was revenge. She wanted to kill the person who had killed her father.

Beside that, Mun Sang-min also played a supporting role in this drama as the youngest detective in the drug investigation team, Ko Geon-pyeong, who takes care of the newly appointed Ji-woo (played by Han So-hee) and shows his presence as a hot-blooded detective who spares no effort when he arrives at the scene.

In particular, “Ko Geon-pyeong is a character that decorates an important point in a crisis or a situation of unity in the drug investigation team. In that respect, the inner actor’s qualities that are not crooked shine at every point and make that moment his own,” Mun Sang-min said at the scene.

Mun Sang-min Girlfriend

Having a handsome face and ideal body as a model makes many women pay very high attention to Mun Sang-min. Yes, who wouldn’t fall in love with Mun Sang-min’s perfect appearance? Moreover, his charm always radiates when he is starring in web series and K-Dramas.

Behind that, there is also a lot of news circulating about Korean celebrities who are starting to be revealed one by one about being in a special relationship. What do you think about Mun Sang-min? Does he already have a girlfriend or not?

Until this article is published, there has been no news about Mun Sang-min being involved in a dating rumor or even having a girlfriend. The romance thing in Mun Sang-min seems hidden and nobody brings up Mun Sang-min’s private life, especially in dating.

For your information, Mun Sang-min is indeed quite famous for his friendship with many women and men. He is close with actor Song Chae-yoon as he is a colleague at the same university. If you look at the YouTube video of Song Chae-yoon, there is also a video of him going to his hometown with other comrades Shin A-ran and Baek Jong-min.

Mun Sang-min Net Worth

Mun Sang-min can be regarded as one of the actors with a career journey that is still not long. Nevertheless, his name is known as an actor who has starred in several web series and has started to play supporting roles in K-Dramas too.

Beside that, Mun Sang-min is known to have another job as a model. This makes him certainly have a higher income than a rookie actor who only works in one particular field. Not only that, Mun Sang-min’s perfect visuals along with his increasing skills will certainly make him earn a fairly high income in the future.

Indeed, no one knows that his career path will increase or decrease over time, but Mun Sang-min has a great opportunity to continue to optimize his talent in acting, so that he will be a great performer, such as Lee Min-ho, Lee Jong-suk, Song Joong-ki, Kim Bum, and many more.

However, the figure for his current income has not been revealed, because Mun Sang-min has just started his career as an actor and model in 2019. Maybe income is not a benchmark for Mun Sang-min, but it seems he will keep trying very hard. It is good to improve his skills so that he can become a professional actor in the future!

Well, that was all the information about Mun Sang-min, starting from his full profile, through his appearances in web series, his girlfriend, and his net worth. Let’s continue to support Mun Sang-min, hopefully, his future career can shine even brighter and he gets a positive response from the public. If you like this article, don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned for more interesting upcoming articles from Byeol Korea!