Full Compilation of Monsta X’s Jooheon’s Appearance in ‘Produce X 101’ That You Should Know!

Joo-heon MONSTA X

Meet Joohoney, The Owner of the Sexy Dimples

Lee Joo-heon (이주헌), better known by his stage name Joohoney and formerly known as Jooheon, was born on October 6, 1994. He is a South Korean rapper and songwriter. He’s also a member of the South Korean boy-group Monsta X (몬스타엑스) under Starship Entertainment, through the Mnet survival program “NO. MERCY” from 2015. He is the main rapper and vocalist of the group.

Before he debuted as part of Monsta X, Jooheon was part of Nu Boyz (along with #GUN, Shownu, and Wonho), which was formed under Starship Entertainment in August, 2014. This group uploaded multiple mixtapes on YouTube. In December, 2014, Jooheon was selected along with six other participants who were determined to be part of Starship Entertainment’s new boy-group, Monsta X, on the last episode of the show.

Monsta X’s Jooheon in Produce X 101

Joo-heon MONSTA X Produce X 101

It had been revealed that the Monsta X songs “Trespass” (무단침입) and “Dramarama” would be used for the first-round evaluation, which was Group X Battle. MONBEBE (Monsta X fans) guessed that one or two members of Monsta X would appear on the show as coaches to instruct the trainees. They guessed Shownu and Joohoney were the most likely choices.

Jooheon Monsta X Produce X 101

Their guess was not entirely wrong. Joohoney participated as a vocal and rap trainer. It was proven from Mnet’s teaser for the next episode of Produce X 101. It can be seen in 45 seconds, he was seated among the coaches (second from the right).

When Trainer Shin Yoo Mi was practicing the MONSTA X group, all the trainees were surprised by the presence of Jooeheon. Both groups were shocked and excited after seeing him in person, especially Kim Kwan-woo, who couldn’t hide his excitement. He is a fan of Monsta X and the one who recommended the Monsta X songs. His group performed “Dramarama” and Kim Kwan-woo became the center of the group, doing Jooheon’s part.

Jooheon invited them to perform their song and dance, and gave the group some compliments. He also praised Kim Kwan-woo, who became the good center and shared his spirit with the other members.

Jooheon Produce X 101

The second group who met with Jooheon was the Seventeen group, with the songs “Adore U” (아낀다) and “Clap” (박수). They also were surprised when Jooheon entered the room, especially Park Sun-ho from the “Adore U” (아낀다) group. Apparently, Park Sun-ho and Jooheon knew each other. They became trainees together and they were on the same team under Starship Entertainment. Sadly, only Jooheon debuted as part of Monsta X and Park Sun-ho never debuted as an idol, deciding instead to debut as an actor. 

Now they were meeting as a trainee and trainer. Jooheon felt bad for his friend and said he was sorry, but also grateful that Park Sun-ho was trying his best with passion and, suddenly, Jooheon hugged his friend and encouraged him to perform well with their group. But Jooheon didn’t seem happy after seeing their practices. He criticized the center of the group, Wang Jyun-hao, and said that he was not focused when doing his part.

After the “Adore U” team, next up was the “Clap” team. Jooheon said that Won-jin had an important role and it was him who starts the performance. He also criticized him because his voice didn’t have much power at all, so Jooheon helped him and showed the correct intro for the song. But even after the group tried it several times, Jooheon wasn’t satisfied with the result. He told Won-jin to raise his voice, but it didn’t work at all.

After this scene was aired, Monsta X members imitated him on their VLive. Jooheon’s scene when he said “Baksu!” went viral and appeared on several funny videos about him.

Now let’s switch to the BOSS – NCT group. Jooheon complimented Kim Yo-han as he became the main rapper. He also imitated Yohan’s style while rapping, which went viral among Monbebe. Jooheon looked so cheerful, while other trainees felt burdened and nervous. This clip proved that Jooheon isn’t a scary person. He is a kind-hearted man with his dongsaeng.

Here’s a compilation from when he becomes the rap trainer on Produce X 101.

Latest News of Monsta X’s Jooheon

Korean Area

Jooheon and Monsta X completed their world tour, “We Are Here”, which is their last concert in Los Angeles, on August 10, 2019.

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