MONSTA X Jooheon Has Anxiety? Find Out The Details Of His Latest Update!

Monsta X Jooheon
MONSTA X Jooheon

Learn More About Jooheon Anxiety

Lee Joo-heon, or better known by his stage name Jooheon (now Joohoney), is a South Korean rapper and songwriter. He is well known as a member of the South Korean boy group Monsta X, which was formed through Mnet’s survival show No. Mercy in 2015. He changed his stage name from Jooheon to Joohoney in February 2019.

Nowadays, many K-Pop idols suffer from mental health disorders and anxiety. One of the members of Monsta X, Jooheon also joined the long list of K-Pop idols and singers who experience mental health disorders. Earlier this year, the agency Starship Entertainment revealed that Jooheon would take a break due to mental health issues.

In this article, Byeol Korea will provide you with information about MONSTA X’s Jooheon’s Anxiety. Let’s check out the details and his most recent updates. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down this article.

Announcement That Monsta X Jooheon Will Take A Break Due To Anxiety

MONSTA X Jooheon

K-Pop boy band Monsta X’s Lee Joo-heon, better known by his stage name Joohoney, sadly joined the long list of K-Pop idols who have gone on temporary hiatus a few months ago due to mental health issues.

Earlier this year, on January 11th, 2020, Monsta X’s agency Starship Entertainment released an official statement on Twitter and revealed that Joohoney, will be taking a break, or hiatus, from the group’s activities temporarily due to anxiety and he will focus on his mental health treatment. 

In the official statement, the agency explained, “Joohoney recently has visited several professional medical institutions for an accurate diagnosis regarding his anxiety symptoms. The results of the examination showed that due to anxiety symptoms, sufficient rest and stability are essential for him to make a full recovery. We have had a thorough discussion with Joohoney and other Monsta X members, and have come to the conclusion that he needs enough rest, and needs to take continuous treatment and stability which focus on the restoration of Joohoney.”

The agency also asked for the understanding of fans, Monbebes, as Joohoney temporarily took a break from all of his activities in the group to focus on his mental health recovery. His return to the group activities will “be based on his recovery status and professional opinions, which will also be conducted through careful consultation with Joohoney and the other members of Monsta X.”

At the end of last year, Joohoney suffered a severe headache and dizziness after boarding a flight to the United States, where the group was scheduled to perform at the Jingle Ball concert. He missed the flight but later joined the members after receiving medical treatment.

Starship Entertainment also issued an apology to the fans of the idols, and said, “We will continue to do our best to maintain the health of Monsta X members.” For the time being, Monsta X will continue with their promotions as a five-member group. The group also was preparing to promote its first full English-language album that was released on February 14th, 2020.

A Letter From Monsta X Members About Jooheon For Monbebe

Monsta X members have continued their promotions and activities as a five-member group after Joohoney stepped back from the group activities due to health concerns. All five remaining members of Monsta X have given fans an update on Joohoney‘s health condition following his anxiety diagnosis.

On January 18th, 2020, the group held the first day of their fan concert “MX Home Party” at Jamsil Arena, in Seoul. In keeping with their tradition of having a set theme and dress code, Monsta X invited their fans, Monbebes to attend this year’s fan concert in warm pajamas. After opening the show with the Korean version of “Play it Cool” and their first-ever performance of “Monsta Truck,” Monsta X greeted their fans and reassured them about Joohoney’s absence.

Following Starship Entertainment’s announcement regarding Joohoney who has to take a break from activities to focus on his health after showing symptoms of anxiety, the rapper did not attend the group’s fan concert.

The leader of Monsta X, Shownu explained to their fans, “Jooheon could not participate today, but he is working hard to recover. He said his condition has improved a lot. Jooheon told us to tell you, that he was so sorry and missed you a lot. Next time, we will show you great things together with Jooheon.”

Another Monsta X member, Hyungwon promised to fans, “We will take on Jooheon’s responsibilities in addition to our own.” Minhyuk said that Jooheon’s parts are hard, and he asked Monbebes to do it together.

Joohoney Explains His Current Situation

After officially being on hiatus for a while from the group’s activities and promotions due to a mental health disorder, on January 27th, 2020, Monsta X’s Jooheon opened up about his struggles with mental health in a heartbreaking and emotional lengthy message addressed to Monsta X fans, Monbebes, on Monsta X’s official fan café, MX Talk Tok.

In his lengthy letter, the rapper Joohoney revealed that he is currently in a difficult situation but he wishes to get better soon and expressed his determination to return as a better person. And he is currently taking medication. He also expressed how much he loves his fans, Monbebes.

Here is the full letter of Monsta X’s Joohoney:

Monbebes, this is Joohoney who loves Monbebes. I pondered a lot if I had to write this letter… I am mentally very weak, and I was having a hard time.

I am currently taking my medication, and I have been trying to find an opportunity to return to the group again. I am often spending my time in my dark room with both my hands together, praying and crying. I really want to go back but I am working hard to return as a better person ⁠— to return with the name Jooheon who appears cooler in front of Monbebes. I wish Hyungwon Hyung and our maknae Changkyun a happy birthday in person, so I hope you can look at me while not assuming things based on what you see on the surface… You missed me a lot, didn’t you?

I’m working out and doing a few things that can help me to heal. I will work hard so that the times I have spent thinking and worrying will not be wasted. I really miss Monbebes a lot too. I am so sorry to have surprised Monbebes so early in the morning. I will be the best Jooheon. Everyone is having a difficult time in this difficult world. This city is so chaotic. I will win against this chaotic world and come back really soon. If everyone waits for me and finds me again, I will stand before you cooler with the name Jooheoney. I love you, Monbebes.

Let us all pray for each other… We are all struggling and hurting. I am sorry for talking for so long. Once again, I love you!

– Jooheon

Monsta X Latest News

On March 25th, 2020, Starship Entertainment updated fans about MONSTA X’s Joohoney current condition after being diagnosed with mental health issues or anxiety a few months ago. The agency said that Joohoney will be coming back from his temporary hiatus and resuming his activities with the group, Monsta X. Monsta X fans, Monbebe could not be happier to hear the news that they have been waiting for.

Recently, five members of Monsta X have just returned to Korea after completing their promotions in the US with their brand new English-language album All About Luv. The agency also explained, “Although Joohoney has not fully recovered, he is now much better than before. We will help Joohoney so that he can return to the group in very good condition.”

Meanwhile, Monsta X was recently listed on the Billboard 200 weekly chart and ranked fifth for the first time through their full English-language album All About Luv. The group, which now consists of Shownu, Kihyun, Jooheon, Minhyuk, Hyungwon, and I.M, is preparing to embark on a world tour at the end of 2020.

That was all the information about MONSTA X’s Jooheon’s struggle with anxiety. Those were the updated news about his condition and his recovery from an anxiety disorder. Please, do not forget to kindly share your thoughts and drop a line in the comment section below!