Compilation K-Pop Diet Idols That You Can Try (MOMOLAND, AOA Seol-hyun, and Ailee)

MOMOLAND Byeol Korea

Try Out Some Popular Diet Trends From K-Pop Idols!

We always see K-pop celebrities looking flawless and maintaining great body shape, as well. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many people wonder what they have been through to receive that healthy and slim body. The answer is pretty simple; it wasn’t magic, but it was a diet! A lot of K-Pop idols have their own diet method, and through this article, Byeol Korea will explain the details about several K-Pop idols’ diet trends, so stay tuned!

The diets used by K-Pop idols are pretty similar to the usual diet. The differences are in the diet menu and plan from several K-Pop idols. However, there’s also the kind of ‘extreme’ and ‘safe’ diet from them. Let’s get to know more about popular diet trends from K-Pop idols, here!



It’s very common for members of a girl group to go on a diet to prepare for their performances while on the stage, just like the MOMOLAND members! To prepare their comeback in any time, and also to maintain their slim and health bodies, MOMOLAND members revealed their diet plan!

The MOMOLAND members continued to eat three times a day, but they only ate 200 gr of skinless chicken breast for breakfast, cucumbers for lunch, and two apples for dinner. They also drank approximately two liters water a day. We can see that it was kinda extreme, since they only ate one meal during their lunch and dinner, right?


The MOMOLAND members’ diet also became one of the most popular diets among K-Pop idols, and obviously people have been trying the diet plan and successfully losing some weight. If you do it regularly, even within a week you can easily lose some weight. Even though the MOMOLAND members also say that they could eat huge amount of meat, but still they had to do the diet sometimes.

Here are YouTube videos showing several people’s results from using the MOMOLAND diet!


AOA Seol-hyun’s Diet

aoa seolhyun

Next, there’s the diet plan from AOA’s Seol-hyun! To have such a healthy and slim body like her current appearance, AOA’s Seol-hyun also resorted to her own diet! Before her debut along with AOA at that time, Seol-hyun already had a good body shape. Even when she was debuting with AOA, she still wanted to lose some weight.

Then, what was AOA’s Seol-hyun diet recipe? During her diet time, it was reported that she reduced her meal portions and had her own regular diet menu; that was sweet potatoes! Another diet menu she used included chicken breast and boiled eggs, but she also used a pretty extreme diet.

aoa seolhyun

Whenever she gained more weight, AOA’s Seol-hyun would apply the liquid diet. What was that? Her liquid diet was a diet when she didn’t eat anything, but only drank liquids. During the extreme diet, it was reported that she used to cry because she got so hungry. The diet was indeed effective, but it also took a lot of bad risks for her body’s health. However, there are certain people who still followed AOA’s Seol-hyun diet and lost their weight rapidly, as well.

Here are YouTube videos from several people who got weight loss results by using AOA’s Seol-hyun’s diet!

However, during one of the episodes in Knowing Brothers in September 2018, Seolhyun revealed that the diet recipe which also referred to her throughout the internet wasn’t her real diet. But still, it became really popular for years! She continued to stay in shape through simple ways, such as substituting what she ate, such as choosing chicken breast instead of drumsticks, and going to work out a lot!

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