Compilation Video List of Funniest Moments From K-Pop Random Dance!


On 2017 more precisely in episode 308, Pledis Entertainment’s famous boy group SEVENTEEN also come on Weekly Idol. When the songs was play, the leader S.Coups evidently started confused with the formation in every songs. But when the MC caught him, he pretends lik he didn’t do anything wrong!

Next in several songs the smallest member, that is Woozi who at that time dressed in yellow and even he called as ‘Lemon Angel’ by the MC, he often looking misplaced and confused. And the final is when he was spotted by the MC because he seems like he had no place. Woozi then said that actually the place isn’t his place, and his place is taken by other member. The MC then also said that it was their studio’s fault and they (MC ) apologized for the studio’s mistakes because too small. Because of this, everyone in the studio was laughed.

Look at the video here!

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