Compilation Video List of Funniest Moments From K-Pop Random Dance!

Let’s Meet Kpop Idols on Weekly Idol!

Weekly Idol is one of variety show program on Korean Television, where’s this program air on MBC Every1 channel. In each episode, Weekly Idol invite any K-pop celebrity, from soloist to group to be asked several questions and challenged by the hosts for do any challenge for example “Random Play Dance, Win Against idol, 99 Seconds Challenge” etc. One of everyone’s favorites in this program is “Random Play Dance”, where the Idols are challenged to dance from the songs that they’re promoting with the music that has been played by the staff. Then in the mid-songs, the music changes to their other songs and the Idols have to choreograph in accordance with the song.

In this challenge, so many funny moments that happen on it, therefore Byeol Korea will give you some funny moments from the Idols! So, “Don’t Miss Out on the Funniest Moments From K-Pop Random Dance!” And Check it below!


On 2017 the girl group that under the auspices of JYP Entertainment namely TWICE, to be invited on varety show program Weekly Idol. As like as usual episodes of Weekly Idol, at this time they was challenged to did a chorepgraph of their song, and if there were members who were wrong in dancing, then the member will be subject to punishment ie their head will be beaten by the host with a plastic hammer.

All members then did a dance according to the music instructions to be played by Weekly Idol‘s staff except Jihyo, she was given a freedom in the challenge because she got injured. Jihyo and the two host became judges who watch each member’s movements one by one to see whether something wrong or not.

On the first part “Signal” which is as their newest single at that time, they danced with powerful, confidence with the right moves. Then when another part of “Signal”, the judges caught Tzuyu and Chaeyoung who looked confused and misplaced. The music then stopped by the judges then Tzuyu and Chaeyoung was questioned for their mistakes but Tzuyu admitted that the one who was did a mistake is Chaeyoung.

While the host or judges was talking to the member with said “I’ve never hit someone as young as a high school student-” Dahyun suddenly interrupted the conversation with saying “Then, I’m the oldest member of the School Meal Club”. Then the hosts asked her to come forward to carry out the punishment, because she was considered willing to be punished in order to protect the maknae (Tzuyu and Chaeyoung). The hosts want to show Dahyun how the host will hit her head with the hammer, and he showed it with strongly hit that made her face startled abysmally.

The onther funny moments are when Jungyeon got punishment because she did a misplaced from “T T” song choreography. Before she will be hit by the host, she’s allowed to ask a question and look for someone who want to be his volunteer by promising will give her phone number to the volunteer, but no one wants to be her volunteer and she must undergo the punishment with smasher.

But when Momo got the punishment when “OOH-AAH”, it turns out there’s someone who wants to be her volunteer and instead the person will run “a day with Momo”. Then Jungyeon protested and said “Hold on, you’re embarrassing me” to the host, and the host reply with “They say, they don’t want your number” and it makes eveyone laughed.

If you want to watch this in fully episode, so click on the video below!


BLACKPINK which debut on 2016 with first single “BOOMBAYAH”, shortly afterwards they released “Playing With Fire” in 2nd single album Square Two on the same year and they did a promotion in every programs, one of them is on Weekly Idol. Just like the others, they must do a Random Play Dance challenge on the program in episode 277.

Firstly, they was played their most recent song at that time “Playing With Fire” and everything was fine. But then on that song play for two times, Jisoo and Jennie seem to collide and Jennie doesn’t have space to move forward in her part. Then the MC cornered Jisoo for making a mistake, and Jisoo defend herself by saying Jennie is the only one did the mistakes, not herself. Jennie admit it and must carry out the punishment.

But before her head knocked by toy-hammer, Jisoo said that Jennie will shout “AHHH” and feel the pain when everyone just only touch her. Then the MC hit Jennie with slowly and she screamed, but the MC said that she just acting to avoid the punishment. Finally Jenny is willing to carry out her punishment, but when her head already hit Jennie laughed so hard and she said that’s feels good, also said that she must share that amazing feeling with other members.

After Jennie, Rose also got the punishment and this all because Jennie screamed and revealed that Rose made a mistake when “Whistle”. Jennie’s eyes is getting sharper because she was punished and she also wanted to share her feeling to other BLACKPINK’s members. When Rose was carried out her punishment, everyone say “WOAAH” and Rose said “It was amazing! Everything was white!” It makes everyone laugh, and the MC say that the studio will always white.

On episode 310 in Weekly Idol  which was aired on 207, BLACKPINK join on Random Play Dance challenge with the newest song “As if it’s your last” and their another song. In the middle “BOOMBAYAH”, Jisoo was noticed by MC for making a mistake with Lisa. Jisoo to be accused, and she says that her position is correct but Lisa is too close to that position. While Jennie and Rose said that they were the ones who made mistakes, but the MC didn’t see their mistake as a mistake. Jisoo keep defends herself that Lisa should be at the corner.

K-Pop Random Play Dance
K-Pop Random Play Dance

Red Velvet

Red Velvet often comes to Weekly Idol in every promotion of their new songs, like in 2016 in their comeback with the song “Russian Roulette” as the main track. In the Random Play Dance segment, the members are challenge to dance their latest chorepgraphy which is the song that is used as their comeback song. Red Velvet still trying to remember their latest dance moves, then the song changes to “Dumb Dumb” and they have to recall the dance moves of the song.

Red Velvet dance it with random song, but apparently Seulgi looked confused and she was very busy pacing up and down every turn of the song. Then it makes the MC pay attention on her, and Seulgi made an excuse that she did nothing wrong and asked for a chance to repeat it once more. Seulgi carry on to do it every time the songs changed, and this made the fans laugh at these ‘main dancer’ was often the one who make mistakes.

After “Dumb Dumb”, then its “Ice Cream Cake” turn to play. Joy turned out to be misplaced, and Yeri pushed her with the code that her position is at the edge. Yeri’s way of helping Joy is fairly funny, because she pushed Joy until seemed to bounce slightly and Yeri’s face remained focused on her dance moves.

As said beforem Seulgi always confused by her position in every song. When “Happiness” was played, the funny moment came when Yeri, Seulgi, and Wendy must danced on equal and it makes Wendy squeezed because she pushed by Yeri and Seulgi on the left and right side. As usual, Seulgi asked for one more chance to dance it, and was apparently the MC didn’t permitted her.

Not only Seulgi which can makes everyone laugh, but Wendy also can make everyone laugh. When they dance “Dumb Dumb” instead the ring was stuck in her net stocking that she wear, and finally they stopped the dance to laugh out loud including Heechul and EXID’s Hani who was became the MC.

Then, did they success to complete on the challenge? and did they will get the prize that they asking for? Take a look the video and the funny moments below!

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