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Check Out The Top 5 Moments From Behind MBC Show Champion!

MBC Show Champion


MBC Show Champion

MBC Show Show Show!

For you, K-Pop fans around the world, you might be patiently waiting every week to catch a few minutes of screentime of your favorite group’s performance. Among the various music shows that offer a great stage for the group’s comeback, MBC’s Show Champion (Korean: 쇼 챔피언) could be the most popular weekly music show! How can it not be? Hosted by comedian Kim Shin-young, and (depending on the episode) various guest MCs, the program brings to life a fresh concept that aims the emcees, artists, and even the audience to be one in selecting “the champion” of the music industry. It also judges which one is the most popular song, the hottest issue, and the best rookie of the week fairly. It is also one of the shows that run with a live show format instead of a pre-recorded format.

Now, not only you can catch a glimpse of your favorite artist’s performance in this show, but you can also catch a glimpse of their casual and friendly interaction behind the stage persona! We understand how much you want to keep their interactions in your memory, so we have made a list for you! Here are some of our favorite behind the scenes interactions in MBC’s Show Champion.



In this Behind the Show episode, we can see that BTS members are comfortable being their silly selves as usual. During this short clip, we can catch a glimpse of Jimin, Suga, Namjoon, Taehyung, Jin, and Jungkook’s bright personalities. Despite having just freshly debuted, they are not scared to show their unique selves in front of the staff and the camera.

Here, in this clip, we can see how close they are to each other, with each of them writing a sincere yet funny letter for the other members. They wrote personal messages and opinions for each other and put a funny drawing inside. They also complimented each other with their own teasing remarks, as it can be seen from how Jungkook indirectly pointed out Jimin’s abs while teasing him about his thighs. Later in the clip, we can also see a fun battle game between Jimin and C-Clown. Look at how the other members silently support Jimin by teasing him, you simply can’t miss this wholesome clip!


Stray Kids

In this episodeMBC’s Show Champion took us into the fun and bright personalities of Stray Kids members. Stray Kids, who just had their stage comeback for their new song “MIROH” in the episode, chatted in the clip while waiting for the camera to roll. They were sharing about how excited they are for this comeback since it has been a long time since they had released a new song. CB specifically talked about how he thinks he gained weight for this comeback, turning his V line into U line (according to him) and received a good laugh from the staff. We can also see how professional they are when performing on stage and how much fun they have fooling around in front of their loyal fans when they finished filming. In this clip, Stray Kids also shared about how they aspired to be like their legendary senior, 2PM.

After all, all the members show good energy on and off-stage. If you have a bad day, we gladly recommend you to watch this behind the scene clip to lift up your day.



In the next clip, we are introduced to the cheerful and fresh charms of JYP’s latest girl group, ITZY, which just recently entered the music scene when this clip was filmed. At first, each of the members introduced themselves and their position within the group, to make the watchers remember and fall into their cute personalities. Then, we are brought into ITZY’s energetic auras during their performance. In this clip, we can also see how close they are to each other which can be seen from how they comfortably tease each other, even their unnies.

See? It’s impossible not to fall for their charms!



You might know them as a K-Pop group with 9 good lucking guys, or maybe even from their cute colorful performance and drama appearances. But, how much do you know theirs behind the stage personas? This clip will show you a glimpse of SF9’s craziness and brotherhood!

At the beginning of the clip, we are greeted by the members who pose as princes charming, making you fall deeper into their charms. Later, it turns out, it’s not just us who watch them being cute in front of the camera, but the members also watch them while making funny yet encouraging comments. From this clip alone, we can guess how strong their bonds to each other are.

A must-watch clip for those of you who need a dose of sugar in your day.



In this episode, the Astro members were given the chance slash mission to boast about their good for nothing (aka useless) ability. Thus, begin a series of useless talent showcase from each member, starting from Jin Jin who can move his ear effortlessly and Moonbin’s rare talent who can smell the rain through his nose.

The second mission was a lie battle between each of the members, which is another version of the legendary ‘of course’ game. Here, we can see who is the most talented member when it comes to lying kkk. In this episode also, Astro gave us an exclusive comical version of their introduction. They were making silly poses and cringy introducing lines such as the guardian of women’s hearts (Eun-woo), ultimate weapon (Sanha), righteous captain (Jin Jin), absolute force (Moon-bin), smile angel (MJ), and invincible rock (Rocky). Later, we can also see how the members tease each other regarding their poses and roles.

Aside from that, of course, there are still a lot of funny and sweet moments from the members that you don’t wanna miss. So, make sure you don’t miss it by catching up on the clips above!


So, what do you think about each of the moments above? Which one is your favorite? Don’t hesitate to kindly share your opinion with us in the comment section below!